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Transform and Roll Out!

Dairycon Update

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At the Ramada (again!) and enjoying Dairycon 2009.

We got here about 20 minutes later than we expected; seems we have a bit of a windshield issue that we're dealing with. Why does that sound oddly familiar? Thankfully, our table was set-up in advance, so no harm, no foul.

Already been doing some wheeling and dealing; we've sold a few of our BotCon exclusives and Prime's made a few purchases. But we missed out on a blue-eyed BW Cheetor so Prime's not real happy. (You see, I was hoping to use Alexa-One to post this but I'm kinda hiding out downstairs for a little bit. When Prime's upset, forget trying to cheer him up.) But I'm having fun right now, at least.

That's all for right now. If I'm lucky, I'll try and post another update later today. Right now, it's back to the 'Con!

(edit: Silvy = jerkmunkie) Signed, Prime. Nyah.

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Updated 25th April 2009 at 02:05 PM by Silverwynde



  1. Zephy's Avatar
    Dairycon? That exists? Does it have cows? Or robots? Or robot cows?
  2. Silverwynde's Avatar
    Mostly robots. But we have a lot of cowbell this year.


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