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Transform and Roll Out!

Comic-Con Update

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by , 25th July 2008 at 03:04 PM (278 Views)
As I mentioned yesterday, my friend DA is at San Diego Comic-Con right now. He's been giving me quite a few updates which is really cool. Among them:

*The Hasbro exclusive GI Joe black suit Cobra Commander and the Diamond Select exclusive G1 Animated Optimus Prime bust have been sold out since yesterday.

*The lines for Hasbro Toy Shop weren't too bad this morning (he got in and got the exclusives in about a half an hour).

*He'll have to get tickets to purchase the Mattel exclusives, which will be made available from 3 to 5 PM.

*Stan Bush is there. DA actually saw him in a concession line.

*Mark Ryan is also there. He was a a panel and will be doing an autograph signing. Yes, that Mark Ryan. As in the voice of movie Bumblebee Mark Ryan.

I am dying of jealousy over here.

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