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All things Pokemon.

  1. Why The Slag Not?

    Here we go, just for the slag of it.

    My favorite Pokemon of each type:
    Normal- Eevee
    Fire- Infernape
    Fighting- Sawk
    Water- Greninja
    Flying- Lugia
    Grass- Bulbasaur
    Poison- Roselia
    Electric- Electivire
    Ground- Golett
    Psychic- Elgyem
    Rock- Tyrantrum
    Ice- Lapras
    Bug- Beedrill
    Dragon- Palkia
    Ghost- Golurk
    Dark- Bisharp
    Steel- Aegislash
    Fairy- Xerneas

    ...that scene near the beginning of GHOSTBUSTERS. You know.

    Prime went on a StreetPass mad dash after work today, and brought along both of our 3DS units, hoping to nail down the 100-in-a-day achievement (no such luck on both counts) and find one of us an Eon Ticket. He's been taking the cracks at it since this latest NSPW began; it only PAID OFF today.

    "I-ve-got-an-E-on-Tic-ket" (dadaDA dada da) RUN HOME, SILVY, RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN.
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  3. Echoes

    A Deoxys. A Mew. A Celebi.

    I've made a lot of trades on the Unova GTS, especially in the last few days. May 20th is approaching, faster than I would like it. On that day, the GTS for the Nintendo DS will be shut down. Shuttered. Go dark. There are a lot of Automatons still on there, waiting for a trade. Sadly, I cannot save all of them; I know this, as many are being offered for illegal trades. But I have tried to save those that I can, sending off Pokémon of my own or those that ...
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  4. Fade to Black

    You probably all know by now that Gen IV and Gen V wifi services are ending on May 20th. It's been a good run but I can't help but feel a little bit cheated. Although I could use it on Pearl, I never really had the chance to use the GTS in SoulSilver and probably won't now. My copy of Platinum had the level glitch that rendered the GTS utterly unusable. However, I got my money's worth on Black and Black 2 when they were released.

    So many rescues, so many shinies that I was able to ...
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  5. Friend Safari

    So I have to admit, I'm a bit addicted to this place. It's already given me three shinies with little work, not to mention that I've found quite a few Pokemon with their Hidden Abilities. As of right now, I'm catching Sawk in a Fighting Safari, with the intention of sending them out for Wonder Trade Wednesday. They'll have Mold Breaker and most will be Adamant.

    I'm hoping that I'll eventually run into a shiny Sawk and catch it. It worked in my Ghost Safari, after all. But in all honesty, ...
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