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Why I am addicted to Ash Ketchum/Satoshi?

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I am addicted to ASH. As known as SATOSHI in Japan. I like him everyday, as I check his name on the search engines, the website Pixiv, Youtube, even on this forum, being the member of the Ash club here.

My obsession with Ash starts when the Philippine television network GMA-7 premiering Pokemon on a Friday time slot. I know that time is about half past 7, at aged 13-14 years old. I watched then the English dubbed version of the anime. The first time that I love Ash when the episode named Abra and the Psychic Showdown where he danced pants down.

Then, as the time flows, Pokemon in GMA7 repeated again to start after some Orange Island episodes. After the last Orange Island episode, the channel stopped broadcasting Pokemon. So I'm started to forgot him due to the other Japanese animations that interested to me.

About 2003-2004, when my first internet access, I discovered again Pokemon, especially Ash, shocked due to Ash's change of costume that period which during the time without him I did not know. I'm surprised that Ash and Brock is still there but not Misty. I'm started to know Ash's new companions, May and Max.

I learned that Ash is also appeared in the Japanese openings and endings of the series. But in 2006, another character spawned, she is Dawn, but I like Ash more than the other characters during that time. Somewhere in 2006, I watched again the anime series for the first time in 10 years, this time in CN Philippines for the Advanced seasons and DP series via the internet.

I stopped watching Pokemon anime in CN Philippines after Battle Frontier ended. But continued to watch DP series in Japan until it ended last September 2010. Now I'm currently watching Ash as Satoshi in Best Wishes.

I like Ash in his swim trunks and boxers. I like his current clothes, I like the two persons who voiced Ash equally, I like Ash's hair, and most of all I like Ash more and more.

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