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The World Ends With You Brands Team

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by , 5th August 2008 at 07:01 PM (957 Views)
So after spending a week grinding and farming to get my four characters in The World Ends With You to 9999 HP/100 Atk/100 Def/999 Brv with the best threads, I figured that I should continue planning my TWEWY Brands team. The World Ends With You has thirteen distinct brands in the game (click here to view them), each representing an animal from the Chinese Zodiac, including the Cat. Since it's been a long time since I made a themed team (my gym team being the latest), I figured that this is a better waste of time than just randomly training up Pokemon. So far, the list is as follows:

D+B: Tauros
Natural Puppy: Arcanine
Pavo Real: Blaziken
Mus Rattus: Raichu
Jupiter of the Monkey: Primeape (Had too many Ground weak Pokemon)
Hip Snake: Gyarados
Sheep Heavenly: Ampharos
Tigre Punks: Raikou
Dragon Couture: ??? (Haven't decided on which one, but it SHOULD cover most the weaknesses of the other twelve)
Lapin Angelique: Lopunny
Pegaso: Rapidash
Wild Boar: Grumpig (Better suggestions, anyone?)
Gatito: Persian

I will continue to post the progress of this team. Stay tuned.

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Updated 22nd September 2008 at 01:07 AM by Mukubird

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  1. Ulttimaa's Avatar
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  2. Mukubird's Avatar
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  3. Nekusagi's Avatar
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    A TWEWY themed team.

    This is win.
  4. Crankyman's Avatar
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    Using Chomp as DC is the easy way out.
  5. Trainer-c's Avatar
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    Screw easy. Flygon would be the honorable way. =O

    Mamoswine is more of a boar than Grumpig imo.

    I have always disliked how the Ratatta line are the only rats. I guess you can get around it by using any of the "mouse" Pokémon, like Raichu, Azumaril, or Sandslash.
  6. Mukubird's Avatar
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    Oohhh, I forgot all about the Pikachu family for Mus Rattus. I might use them for Mus Rattus, even with all the Ground weak Pokemon I already have.

    As for Dragoon Couture, I might go with Salamence, since EQ immunity is needed for this team and Fight resistance is always good.


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