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by , 23rd July 2009 at 05:51 PM (639 Views)
I have been wracking my brain to write a Pokémon fanfiction ever since Diamond and Pearl came out, but I never got off my ass to do so. With some enocuragment from my friends I actually started creating one. I hope that it will not seem very generic and unrealistic (well, by Pokémon standards). Right now, I cannot start the story as my electronics were taken away, but I had managed to type up a small part of the the story, a teaser if you will. Hopefully, I can create a compelling story that will enchant the audience with this:

With nary a second thought, Esther leaped into the icy lake. She was not worried about drowning; the close proximity of Rustboro to the ocean gave her numerous opportunities to improve her swimming. The temperature of the water was another story. Compared to the beaches close to her home, the lake water was very frigid, especially in the dead of winter. She had no more than two minutes to rescue him before her body starts to suffer from hypothermia. This was nothing, however, compared to what would result from her inaction; with no survival skills and a body unsuited for the water, he would not stand a chance in the chilly Snowpoint lake.

The sneasel reluctantly opened his eyes and saw the murky surroundings he was in. Suddenly the images from what had happened flowed back into his head: he had been running away from some humans when the ice he was sprinting on had cracked and split, opening the dark depths of the lake. He desperately paddled against the water to swim upwards towards the hole he had fallen in, but it was all for naught. His kind was not adapted for the water, especially not this kind of water. He felt the chilling touch of the lake against his skin, penetrating through his fur. While he was an ice type and had additional resistance to the cold, too much exposure could yield a result no different from non-ice types and humans.

It was around this time when the sneasel noticed movement above him. He looked up and saw the human girl that had been chasing him, swimming closer to his position. No, he thought, I’m already going to die in this place, why are you still here? Isn’t me drowning not good enough for you?

However, the girl had not harmed him but instead wrapped her arms around his body. The sneasel was shocked as most of the humans in his mind would have let him fall into the dark depths. Once Esther had her left arm around the ice type, she urgently pressed on one of the spherical devices clipped to her belt. With a flash, the device popped open and the contents materialized into a figure with orange fur, two slender powerful tails, and an air sack shaped like a life raft: a floatzel. Esther then gestured at the new creature, pointing her index finger towards the bright hole above them; the creature understood.

The sneasel observed as the sea otter grabbed the girl with its hands and rocketed towards the surface, wising its tails as a propeller. So they weren’t here to harm me, he realized, but to save me instead. He turned his head up to face his savior, this girl; she too looked back at the small figure now in her arms. She would have said, “Everything’s going to be alright,” but opening one’s mouth while underwater was not the brightest idea, especially in this temperature.

He took one last glance at her before he felt his fatigue claiming him. As his vision darkened, he had only a single thought: This girl is different, I can trust this girl.

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Updated 24th July 2009 at 12:00 AM by Mukubird

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    What is this Perl game is it out yet
  2. Mukubird's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Crankyman
    What is this Perl game is it out yet
    D: D: D: D: D: D: D:

    It's a cool new game that you have never played before.
  3. Crankyman's Avatar
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    You also had a lot of grammar errors.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mukubird
    She had no more than two minutes to rescue him before her body starts to suffer from hypothermia.


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