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Lettuce's MegaEvo wishlist

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As much as I condone MegaEvos for single non-evolved Pokemon(Mawile and Absol deserved a normal evo boost to get stronger, but with MMawile being in Uber now, maybe not) I do want some fully evolved Pokemon to get the Mega treatment. Here's 5 non-Starter Pokemon for each gen:
GEN 1~
Butterfree, Since Vivillon came in, the original Butterfly is left in the pits of NU to rot. Maybe give it a boost in Special Attack and Speed and retype it to Bug/Poison, since it's Dex entries keep talking about that.
Raichu, Pikachu is the mascot, and giving one to Pikachu is illogical. Electric/Fairy for better Dedenne please.
Machamp, a powerhouse of pre Gen 5 who definitely needs to make a comeback, give it extra arms akin to Hindu culture.
Hypno, it's one underrated Psychic type that can make use of Bad Dreams and Dark Void(LOL OP). Give it Psychic/Dark or Psychic/Ghost.
Marowak, many of you heard about the idea of the Cubone's Mother ghost to help the Marowak, and I think that is a good idea too. Parental Bond places it OP and Smogonites crying.

GEN 2~
Bellosom, poor poor Bellosom. It's so frail but I love it, please give it strength...
Crobat, Dark/Flying for the Batman reference. Give up speed for some attack, also for the Batman reference.
Ariados, creepy crawly Dark/Poison type. Give it Arena Trap and see what happens.
Sudowoodo, Grass/Rock obviously, and bulk it up.
Blissey, come on, this thing as a Normal/Fairy with some Special Attack would be deadly in Ubers.

GEN 3~
Camerupt, giving it Drought makes it an alternative to Charizard Y. 2nd Favorite Hoenn Fire type, though there aren't many.
Slaking, remove Truant, weaken a few stats to balance that and you got a perfect Mega.
Flygon, please give my favorite Dragon strength. Give him rad Gurren Lagann Kamina shades too.
Milotic, I see Milotic as a parallel to Gyarados, giving it Water/Fairy and Defensive Boosts in Multiscale makes it a tank.
Glalie, poor Glalie is out classed by it's Waifu sister Froslass, Ice/Dark maybe?

GEN 4~
Roserade, make a Tuxedo Mask reference, and we're golden.
Mismagius, Ghost/Fairy and we have the equivalent of a Madoka character.
Yanmega, Bug/Dragon should be a thing
Dusknoir, outclassed by Dusclops, let's fix that. Ghost/Fighting, kill Norms.
Froslass, give my Sinnoh Waifu some love here!

GEN 5~
Liligant, Unova Waifu. Grass/Fairy is the only thing I can think of.
Cofagrigus, I feel like something could work with the Mummy fighting.
Zoroark, Unova's Lucario. Let's give it Impostor to spice it up.
Vanilluxe, it's really... plain. I feel like so much more could be done.
Klinkklang, same as Vanilluxe. Don't half-a$$ it by putting multiple Klings together.

GEN 6~
Not enough, sorry.

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  1. Apawn's Avatar
    no dunsparce, for shame
  2. Zeb's Avatar
    Raichu, Electric/Fairy
    Hypno, Psychic/Dark
    Sudowoodo, Grass/Rock
    Milotic, Water/Fairy and Defensive Boosts in Multiscale makes it a tank
    Glalie, Ice/Dark
    Mismagius, Ghost/Fairy
    Yes to these!
  3. FireBlader15's Avatar
    @Apawn; I would like to say that dunsparce has no chance of getting a mega, what it should get is a plain normal evolution.

    Sorry, Mega Dunsparcers but the truth has been told!


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