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Verdanturf Town

"The windswept highlands with the sweet fragrance of grass."

  1. Password Malfunction

    My normal password kept screwing up on me(Yes, I checked it was spelled correctly) so I got locked out from Bulbagarden for a while, now I managed to hopefully get things working after I reset the password...
  2. Shiny Hunting!

    Now that I completed the Nat Dex in ORAS, I have the Shiny Charm!

    So because of that, I've decided to try and find a Shiny Piplup from Birch's bag.

    But I just realized something, the Shiny Charm said that it raises the chance for a wild encounter, and I'm not sure if Gift mons count...

    If not, It's not really much of a big deal, since I can just Masuda breed for one since I heard Charm+MM is almost a guarantee in 1000 eggs.

    Of course to ...
  3. ORAS2?


    Updated 29th November 2014 at 12:27 AM by Karamazov

  4. Happy Birthday to me...

    Oct 7 was when I turned 15, the following days leading up from that were rather.. shitty
    My English teacher whom everyone hates decided to announce 3 projects to do starting Oct 7, and it doesn't help High School gets tougher starting Sophomore year(Juniors still have it worse). More minor stuff happened like being unappreciated in Art class, but I won't go much into that. Then, I had a couple falling outs with some friends, and one of them today blamed me for a misunderstanding a while back ...
  5. Brawl in the Family 2008-2014

    Brawl in the Family
    The first webcomic that brought me into webcomics and most importantly the internet world has come to an end.

    But it's ok!, new life blooms from the dead right? SSB4 came out today, and maybe someone else might make a comic based off of that too!
    But, nothing will ever replace BitF in my heart. I know there are some members here who are on the forums too, BitF brought me into forums so I could meet all you people!

    Anyways, thanks ...

    Updated 29th November 2014 at 01:27 PM by Retasu

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