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Let's Talk About Real Life

Because life is full of little things.

  1. Faith in humanity decreasing

    Recently at my school there was a Halloween party and the staff asked for the students to bring some food to donate to charity.

    Then sometime after the party someone from the staff came to my classroom and showed that someone apparently gave some powder chocolate milk as a donation.... Only that it was a quarter full.

    ... Really now?
  2. So tired...

    This is my first day back at school and I'm already feeling extremely drained, I don't even know why, I just am. I didn't even stay for the full class so I can only wonder how it'll be tomorrow when I'll have to.

    This week is totally going to suck isn't it? Sigh...

    Sorry if I'm whining, I actually like my school, the teachers and the rest of the staff is nice, it's well organized and the classrooms are big and comfortable, but the classes themselves just seem to drag ...
  3. School tomorrow

    I'm not ready for it. The very same week things start up again I have two tests, physics and English. That's one hell of a way to start things up. To make it worse it also means I'm going back to staying from 7AM to 6PM at school. Uuugh... May the stress come back now.

    I guess the one good thing is that I'll be seeing my friends more often, not worth everything else though especially since I could just call them to come here at home so we can meet up again and do something actually ...