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Hello, World

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Greetings. Apparently these are things that people make here and I figured I might as well start a monthly one or something. So welcome to my blog.

I migrated over here pretty recently from a host of other sites, chiefly Serebii, that I was kind of active on. IRL I am the hero Gotham needs, but not the one it deserves. I also enjoy chocolate, kittens, and long walks on the beach.

I only write over here, but I spend most of my internet time over on Smogon's ASB where I am known for taking on insanely complex projects that I rarely finish. And also loving the bug-type and loathing the myriad of things that can crush the bug-type, as the Bug Gym Leader of the league is obligated to do. Incidentally, I have no plans to give any major character in my 'fic a bug-type. This is mostly because almost all Kanto bugs are pretty laughable in terms of power. Even Gen I Scyther and Pinsir were pretty bad.

But onto writing, which is kind of the thing I do most here. My main 'fic at the moment is Backgrounds. Originally conceived as a set of prequel one-shots to a much longer story I was working on, it now exists as a collection of "smaller" fics that are mostly character-driven stories that set up a possible future story and establish my headcanon for Kanto. I keep a pretty regular update schedule on Saturdays with pretty long chapters (6-11k words in the present arc).

The current arc, "Anachronatic Order," deals with a disaffected loner genius who kind of gets involved in a Bond Villain's plot to overthrow the regional government. Even though her mother is very active in the leadership of the regional government. And that's just the start of the family issues she's forced to relive each night due to the unfortunate side effects of the treatment that keeps her functional.

So basically it's not really a standard "GO AND GET ALL TEH BADGES FOR GREAT DESTINIES!!!" fan fic. And I'm totally fine with that.

I'm currently writing the next sub-fic that explores why the Kanto region is apparently so depopulated. Or really small. It also deals a lot with classic mythology and whether or not it's possible to live a satisfactory life as a minor player in a world of heroes and gods. And whether or not I can stay sane writing a few thousand words a day for the next few weeks until I can take a break and then edit all of it... oh boy. I hope to have it done by the end of June so I can begin release shortly after the current story ends, but I can give no promises.

I should have more information on that and a breakdown/FAQ of "Anachronatic Order" in the June blog. Until then, I'm off.

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  1. Lyrebird's Avatar
    Hello to you too.
  2. Life's Avatar
    Welcome to the dark side blogs.
  3. Phoenixon's Avatar
    I am the hero Gotham needs, but not the one it deserves
    So, you're Harvey Dent?

    Well, I am the hero that Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now.
    So you'll hunt me. Because I can take it.
    Because I'm not your hero.
    I'm a silent guardian.
    A watchful protector.
    A Dark Night.
    *Epic Credit Music*
  4. Rediamond's Avatar
    I'm really more of a Two-Face in the making, which I guess does make me Harvey Dent at the moment. I even have the obsession with probability thing going.


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