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Whoo-hoo! I'm gonna assume now that Steven is Champ once more! :DDDDD (MEGA METAGROSS CONFIRMED jk) Everything looks great... but I'm kinda let down by Maxie and Mega Swampert. They both look like they went to McDonalds a few times too many... On the other hand, Archie is now undeniably badass. Maxie just looks to... round and gentle, while Archie is lean and harsher, like a normal villain. Maybe I'll be getting Alpha Sapphire after all.

Oh, looks like the Admins are getting some serious makeovers. Maybe they'll get significant roles in the story! Cool!

edit: ... On second glance, it turns out the chubby guy is just a Magma Admin. Maxie looks more or less the same. Still, Archie looks better. Also, why did they remove Team Magma's capes? Why??

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  1. Erdrick's Avatar
    The weirdness of Mega Swampert is part of the appeal.
  2. Kyriaki's Avatar
    Steven got the best new design


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