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I'll say this. I f**king HATE found-footage format films. Y'know, everything is recorded with a handheld camera or something? Like Cloverfield or Chronicle? I didn't realize Earth to Echo was that kinda movie. The movie was... okay, I guess. It's one of those "friendly alien crashes to Earth and needs to get home but is chased around by government assholes" E.T.-like things. What looked good looked good. The plot was kinda cliched. But the way it was shot. Mother of Arceus. Shakiness on a huge theater screen is AWFUL! My eyes hurt, and this wasn't even 3D. My mother right now is lying down because the thing gave her motion sickness. Next time, I'll make sure the movie I'm about to watch isn't one of THOSE movies. Ugh.

Also, all these people in the theater don't understand what "please turn off your cellphone" means. Those things are small, but they're like freaking beacons in the dark. REALLY PEOPLE?!!!

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  1. Jdog1020's Avatar
    Yet another reason not to see that crappy looking movie. And about the phone thing; some people just don't friggin care about others. Which I don't give a darn about, considering they're wasting THEIR money on this movie and not looking at it.
  2. Shadao's Avatar
    I got that home video vibe from the numerous trailers and Tv spots I see. Namely through the faces looking directly at the camera and the dialogue context being something that a person would say when filming raw footage or a documentary.


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