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  1. PokéKart news

    PokéKart will be a spin-off of the Pokémon core series.
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    PokéKart is still in it's concept stage. Every Tuesday and Thursday I will post new Game concepts and new game mechanics and update ones that was posted before. I will also post new concept art and update old ones as well.
    If you have any ideas to improve PokéKart please leave a comment suggesting ...

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  2. Pokemon spin-off game called PokeKart

    I had an idea of a pokemon spin-off racing game called PokeKart. The first PokeKart game will come out on the 3DS. It will have 48 playable characters. The main menu screen Single player Racing League For Racing League there will be 6 'badge cups' Kanto badge, Johto badge, Hoenn badge, Sinnoh badge, Unova badge, and Kalos badge after the current 6 regions. Each badge cups will 6 courses adding up to 36 courses. Once you complete a badge cup and get a gold badge you will unlock something. Once you ...

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