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Farfetchd the Vigilante

My Nintendo World Trip

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pglart_chespin.pngWell hi there!

So I was in New Jersey for my cousin's wedding, and I finally had the opportunity to visit the Nintendo World Store.

For those who don't know, this store is a cool place in the Rockefeller Central, where you can get all kinds of goodies, like Pokemon Plushes, Nintendo Mugs, Nintendo Games, Shirts, and other collectibles!

So I ended up getting a few things.

A Nintendo World Yoshi shirt, with old school Yoshi in a circle popping out, with Nintendo World New York written under him.

A Legend of Zelda Mug! Had Link's face on it, and Nintendo World in blue on the back!

A Mario Pin, with Toad brightly pinned in gold!

And the greatest of all, my Chespin Plush!

Bad Picture, but I love the detail! Very soft and cuddly, and the sowing is very nice! Very nice colors on it!

Overall a great trip ^-^
Definetly reccomend going at somepoint! I also went to the LEGO store, the Big Toys R US, among other places!

Ask if you have any questions!
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  1. DarkMeow's Avatar
    Ugh, I'm sooooo jealous. Lucky you! I plan on going to New York and going to the Nintendo store at some point, but I probably never will. Glad you got some cool stuffs!
  2. Farfetchd the Vigilante's Avatar

    You can get some of the stuff online you know ö
  3. Chibster's Avatar
    @Farfetchd the Vigilante; Yesh!!! I love Nintendo World! I go there almost every year, for the Pokedolls. XD

    Did you see any new Pokedolls(the plushes like your Chespin)? I remember they had Kalos starters, Gen V Pokemon, Xerneas, and Yveltal.
  4. Farfetchd the Vigilante's Avatar
    No "new ones" but they did have all the ones you said!

    I also really liked Timburr Plushie :3


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