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My everlasting struggles with pokemon


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by , 3rd February 2014 at 08:18 PM (179 Views)
I really want to try ev training and stuff, but I don't know if it's worth it. I don't battle competitively, but I think it's interesting. Also, I don't have x and y,since i have no 3ds, so I am going nuts. Honedge and Klefki look good. I have an awesome team in mind. I noticed I love a lot of Pokemon people seem to hate, like Garbador, Vanilluxe, and Zubat (evo to one of the fastest flyers in game? Sign me up for that)
And I still crave shinies like mad. I never caught a legit one, and I can't access GTS. so ugggghhhhh!
Sorry for rants.
leave suggestions or tips for shinys,ev training, and other stuff.

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  1. sharkshocker's Avatar
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    EV training isn't necessary if you're just playing in-game, but to maximize the battling capabilities of your Pokemon it makes sense to focus on their strengths which is what EV training does in a nutshell.

    Don't let other people's opinions ruin what you love about the game, and I don't understand why people would "hate" a Pokemon in the first place. It's their preference to not play a certain Pokemon but looking down on those who do won't help, we're all trying to enjoy the game here :P

    EV training would get sped up if you get the Power Items from the Battle Tower/Subway/Maison, depending on your game. If you have Pokeradar that is a good way to get shinies until you get access to GTS and try hatching through the Masuda method (using a foreign parent increases the chance of hatching a shiny)
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  2. 1rkhachatryan's Avatar
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    Well, I recommend getting the 2DS which in my opinion is just as good of not better then the 3DS. Plus, the cheaper price is nothing to laugh at. Most people look at it and think too big, what they don't know is that it still fits in your pocket so you can take it on the go.

    I'd wait until you have XY to EV train though as super training makes it really easy. It also helps in game too. For instance, I got a Mareep from Wonder trade and EV trained it in speed and defense since it is a little lacking in these area's and now my Ampharos is a better beast :).
  3. Gottacatchemall45's Avatar
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    I was thinking 2ds anyways, blue perhaps. I'll try to use Pokerader in platinum. I think i'll wait till i get x/y to EV train. and lots of people just don't like Garbador and Vanniluxe, because of their designs. Take note of all of the numerous dog and foxs, and tell me nintendo is runnig out of ideas. They're trying new designs, and everyone hates them because it's different.


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