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I really hate the DMV. Terrible service, so many too many freaks, and the depressing atmosphere just arriving there. Not to mention the crazy long wait time just to do anything that involves an I.D. Today (or perhaps yesterday?), I went to the DMV to take a written exam to further my advance on life, and of course, to learn how to drive. I fell in line to get an application of the sorts and filled it out. Later did I know, there's a another line..... to turn the application in..... #GetTrolled I said to myself, "Nothing I could do about it, just move along" and so, endured the pain of waiting.
Finally, I get to the front of the desk. "Here's your number sir. Wait for your number to be called and go to the respective area."
*The look on my dam Face*......*I just wanna take a test dammit!*
A clean 1 hour wait just to bring me up to a desk. And that's not the worst part! After proceeding and completing the application check, "I'm sorry Sir! The Testing Room is Closed for Today, you'll have to come back Tomorrow to take the Test" *Sigh*

At the end of the Day, two good things happened to me at the DMV.
1. I watched a few episodes of Anime on my Phone. Quite Enjoyable Episodes too I would say.
2. I don't gatta wait in to the hell of a line again. Just go straight to the Test Room w/ the Paper. Sigh*

I really need to practice my Writing Skills

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  1. farewell, friend's Avatar
    Does there exist a sane person who actually likes that dreadful place?
    The only rule, is that there is no rule, and the employees may make up rules at their sole discretion (that's why some employees say you need this, and others say, "Well idk why they told you that, but you don't need it".

    //has had it happen to her personally

    (cute pic, btw :D)
  2. 97SaturnSL1's Avatar
    I personally just look at it as being another step in the process of being able to get a nice sports car to cruise around in. the times ive gone, i havent had to wait too long, but i don't mind waiting an hour to get plates for a nice car or to get the renewal stickers. i just think of the wait as a small fee (in addition to the monitary costs) to keep up my independance and freedoms.
  3. Captain Tentacruel's Avatar
    In my experience, you need to show up as they open, then you don't wait too long. It gets worse as the morning progresses, and sometime around 11:00 PM, it seems, Hell becomes preferable to the DMV. *rimshot*


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