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I support you.

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To anyone and everyone who reads this; i support you.
no matter what you're going through in life, i will support you.
i'll take care of you, i'll try to help as much as i can.
you are my friend, even if i don't know who you are.
even if others tell you you're dumb, stupid, worthless, etc.
keep in mind i'm still here, and i still support you.
i still love you. and just because 1 person (or more) doesn't like you, that doesn't mean no one loves you.
cause i do. and they're probably jealous that they aren't loved as much as you.
i will defend you, even if it costs me my life.
i will protect you, you are my friend.
if you're sad, don't let it sink in and burn, tell me and let me support you.
i will always support you.
i will always love you.
i will always defend you.
i'll always be there for you.
don't feel like you're alone, cause i'm here. i'm here to love, protect, and support you. even if you don't do the same for me.
don't let the bullies get to you.
because i still, and always will;
Love you.

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  1. Reila's Avatar
    No, you don't love me. :p But thanks for the support.
  2. Zexy's Avatar
    Wow, that was a cute move!
  3. Xita's Avatar
    You support my pursuit of world domination? Good choice.
  4. Hessian's Avatar
    You support me? How foolish!
  5. Jenneta's Avatar
    Aw, I really like that post! ^u^ *likes* ;D
  6. SapphireSerperior717's Avatar
    ty guys!! :D i made this when i was depressed but sorta happy at the same time, i felt like hugs and cuddles and helping people but since i hate most of the people in my family, i went here, and made this derpy post. once i was feeling normal again, i felt dumb and cheesy and wanted to delete it, but i didn't, because it's truuuu :P IMA SUPPORT YU BRUH!! xD
    luv you guys!! ^w^
    Updated 16th March 2014 at 09:45 PM by SapphireSerperior717


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