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  1. help?

    So, i'm back! but i SERIOUSLY doubt any of you care :P
    anywayz, i wanna make a post about a....uh....clan....? i made for a type of pokemon i made up, NOT a completly (yay for horrible spelling ._.) new type, just different colors, new abilities (once again, not litteraly, i mean like able to do new stuff), etc, etc.

    it'l have a little intro as to why they look that way, the pictures of the pokemon, the names, gender of the pokemon, etc.

  2. Drawing is tiring.

    Well, i just finished drawing something.

    it took me a total of 1:18:26 to make it.

    you can see it. someday.


    and hey look, it's 7:31 AM now....stayed up all night...hehe...aaallll night........allllllll night.......aaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllnight.........i'm so tired i can't even see anything, i'm just guessing i'm spellig this right.

  3. forums..you look so..different..

    the first time i saw this site was in december, so it was decorated for christmas, now....it's beautiful :'D
    blue is my favorite color, and Xerneas is one of my favorite pokemon, so this is just beautiful!

  4. I support you.

    To anyone and everyone who reads this; i support you.
    no matter what you're going through in life, i will support you.
    i'll take care of you, i'll try to help as much as i can.
    you are my friend, even if i don't know who you are.
    even if others tell you you're dumb, stupid, worthless, etc.
    keep in mind i'm still here, and i still support you.
    i still love you. and just because 1 person (or more) doesn't like you, that doesn't mean no one loves you.
  5. should i make this?

    i was planning on making a fan fic thingy where there's 3 wolves, and they're based off emotions. (except for spirit) one is the creator of all of the others, and he is a light grey with wings wolf, his name is spirit. the other is the mad wolf, he is black and red, and is usally mad because he's SUPER annoyed at hunters, "Wolves are meant to be free and run around and do their own thing, not be on your wall!" he will ALWAYS protect one of his own kind, even if it's his enimy! his life ...
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