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White Crow

  1. Blue flames

    Yeah, pedaled like mad around Anistar city's clock, but it was worth as today I hatched what I was aiming to for several days, I squealed so hard :

    Always loved this fire-bearded 'mon, it was my true bro in one of my white nuzlockes , so will make sure to get 'im to 100 so it becomes a must-use in my RU team. I'm so happy I think I'll start shiny breeding in a while. But not sure of which one to pick.
  2. Tepigs everywhere

    Recently got a ENG male tepig and decided to breed it with one of my multiple female ESP female tepig, hoping that MM helps me in breeding a goldie tepig soon.
    It's been 3 days.. 8 boxes.. A box full of perfect egg-moved offsprings, no shiny.
    I'm about to give up since I have requests to breed, but I have been already kinda long with this project, I don't feel like giving up.. . Shiny breeding is hard, and the shiny charm didn't help me at all since I got it, but gotta ...
  3. Friend codes

    Just for the funzies and safaris I've been adding the passerbys who I had the best battles with along with the Bulbabros and friends from other places, until yesterday, without realizing it, I reached the 100 friends limit.
    Truth is, I feel bad deleting people but I know I have to sooner or later.. I bet some people have deleted me already but how can I know? The swapnote trick's not available anymore, either I want to delete one by one and risk to get the third pokémon and the HAs of the ...
  4. Competitive world

    Been playing pokémon since gen I and I loved to battle with pals and guys at school or wherever I find someone, those times where good.. When simplicity was just to fight til the last HP with all our strenght, we all fought with our favorites (with the omnipresent charizard always lurking XD).
    Then IVs and EVs came to light and the game started to go one-sided, people started looking at those numbers and the amount of 'mons used in battles dropped.
    Connectivity and online play reduced ...

    Updated 13th March 2014 at 09:18 PM by White Crow