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White Yoshi

My Top 6 things I hate in games.

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I'm going to Perth in 2 days for 2 weeks so I'm making one more countdown.

In games, there is stuff we enjoy seeing and there is stuff that make you want to punch a Brick Wall.

Some of the stuff I mentioned have been done on a few occasions right.

Without further interruption, lets get started.

6: Quick Time events.
This has been done right on a few occasions but for the most part, it is very annoying because most of them are either:
A, Very few in the game.
B, Not much time to react.
C, If you fail, you die.
Sonic Unleashed night stages are one of the worst IMO. While the Quick Time events are mainly optional. When you attempt them on an enemy to make the fight quicker but fail. You take damage while the enemy GAINS HP. Not to mention you got to do multiple and the time goes faster and faster.

5: Button Mashing/Button Holding
These can even ruin controllers. My thumbs are sometimes in pain because of these sequences. GT3s Like the Wind race is mainly just holding down the X button on a 10km track for 20 laps. Button mashing is even that much of a skill. all it is, is to see who can press the same button the most in a certain time limit (However Button Holding can somewhat be seen as a skill when it comes to releasing at the right time). Some developers even think about mixing these with Quick Time events, the final boss in Sonic Unleashed makes you press a button 60 times in 10 seconds, I'm not even that fast enough (call me a noob if you want).

4: Luck Based events.
I'm okay with them if the game is built around luck alone, like Mario Party or making the action close by giving the luck to the people who are losing, like Mario Kart. Outside of that they are so annoying how you got to make sure something happens or doesn't happens. This is the main reason why I'm an accuracy nut in Pokemon. I never use moves lower than 90 percent accuracy because I hate it when a move misses are critical hits are just as bad.

3: Escort Missions.
You travel along with a Partner. Who is often an idiot. Some of these characters you escort are just annoying by who they are (why can't we get likeable escortees). I heard the Ashley missions were annoying but I never played RE4. The Pokemon Mystery Dungeon ones make pull hair out (though my is too short for me to do that). The A.I is very weak so he'll get his but kicked a lot and can separate from you in which you have to go back and find him before he gets himself killed.

2: Long-distanced levels.
Levels that take forever to complete frustrate me a lot. They can be done right if the whole level is fun but most of the time, each segment is extremely boring or so challenging that it gets fustrating. Eggmanland is rather challenging and it takes up to 30 minutes and since I'm not that good, I wasted 1.5 hours trying to clear it. GT4 is likely the worst defender by have 3, 24 HOUR races and the prize car in one of them is pretty much needed to complete the hardest event in the game. You can make them shorter via B-Spec but it take 6 hours max and I don't have the time to waste my time having my PS2 and TV on a stupid event for 6 hours. Another worst example is when the long levels have ZERO checkpoints, so when you are close to finishing and then failed. You have to start all over again.

1: Penalty Systems.
This mainly occurs in racing games. To avoid people from cheating some developers put a penalty system to penalize cheaters. Some of these are fine but most give you them for unfair reasons. I got a 10 sec penalty for going wide on a corner which made me lose even more time. The worst time these system occurs is when, you get penalties but the A.I doesn't so, when you both collide with each other, who gets blamed for the crash, YOU!

Hope you enjoyed reading.

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  1. The Outrage's Avatar
    5: Button Mashing/Button Holding
    Not really button mashing, but every time I play Mario Kart on my 3DS, I fear for my R button and control stick
  2. Neo Blaze's Avatar
    3: Escort Missions.
    Tell me about it, I usually hate it when a game features something like this. For example: escorting the cart with the ill Zora kid in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess from Hyrule Castle Town to Kakariko Village was REALLY frustrating to me, because you have to defend a completely defenseless horse cart, having to slay fire arrow shooting Bulblins and shoot or Boomerang Kargaroks that make the cart go off the road (after which it's pretty hard to get the cart back on track again), all the while why riding a horse, which isn't very convenient when the horse gallops up and down and you have to aim at those Kargaroks. Frustrated me to NO END and almost made me stop playing the game.

    And yes I do agree with most of your other points, luck-based things are very annoying as well and this is especially apparent in Mario Kart were you can easily get all the items you can possibly think off on you in the last round while driving in first after just having taken a Blue Shell, ending up in a low position.
  3. CynthiaLover's Avatar
    3: Escort Missions
    I hear ya on this one. While some are easy enough, there are others that can be outright brutal. Probably one of my biggest examples is escorting the Hover Cargo in Zoids Battle Legends (Republican story mode). I must've failed that one 20 times before I finally managed (though sheer luck) beat it. It's especially frustrating when it's one against countless swarming enemies, and you can't recover or have to limit resources as much as possible (to save ammo in the above-mentioned game, I spent most of my attacks using grappling moves, only firing when I knew I had a lock-on). While some escort missions can be dealt with in a painless manner, others, well, let's just say whoever designed such a mission should die a miserable death.

    6: Quick Time events
    I'll admit it, I'm not always the quickest to respond in games. And when you're faced with things like Quick Time events, it can actually stress me out. Like you, Sonic Unleashed night levels are the worst, especially in the cases like climbing the clock tower or Empire City. Throw in that said areas are suspended over bottomless pits and require fast reflexes to complete without dying (and, pathetically, my own acrophobia taking hold during said events), it can be very stressful and tough to endure. It's probably the reason why I've been unable to beat Sonic Unleashed, as Empire City night level not only requires such skills, but I become numb with fear due to my acrophobia, slowing down my reaction time.


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