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White Yoshi

My Top 22 final evolution starters.

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Starter Pokemon, the first Pokemon you take on your journey but which is my favourite.

Mega Evolution will be counted and will count as different Pokemon

22: Charizard
What a plot twist :P. Mainly the reason why I don't like Charizard is on its design. It looks like an ugly, fat giraffe with wings.

21: Blaziken
I never liked Chickens. There are 2 other reason why I don't like it.
1. Too OP that everyone keeps using it that makes it annoying.
2. It started the Fire/Fighting trend which finally ended.

20: Mega Blaziken
Same as Blaziken except it didn't start the trend.

19: Mega Charizard X
IMO, it is just Charizard with a different colour and spikes. Not much difference. The only reason why it is higher is that, I do like blue.

18: Sceptile
Don't get me wrong. I like Sceptile and its laid back design, I just prefer others.

17: Delphox
A magician fox thing :). Do I need to say more on how I like it.

16: Infernape
Kung fu monkey :P.

15: Torterra
It is an animal that carries a piece of land on its back. I like that. I'm also a fan of its move pull.

14: Venusaur
Same as Torterra

13: Mega Venusaur
Same as Venusaur but with a Flower upgrade.

12: Mega Charizard Y
Double up from the original. It like for its Aerodynamic appearance and actually looking a dragon and not a giraffe. I also love its Ability.
This is how Charizard should've looked like.

11: Meganium
Such a peaceful Pokemon, and its a nice pace from your typical striker.

10: Chesnaught
A grass turtle with Spikes. It defense is pretty useful against Flying types.

9: Serperior
Another laid back like Pokemon but this one looks like an emperor :P. It's move is good to as well as its Sp. Def.

8: Empoleon
Another Emperor Pokemon but this also a penguin (I love Penguins). Its typing is good too.

7: Thyplosion
I always liked this burning rat design. With a pretty good move pull too.

6. Samourott
A Samurai that stand on all 4s and is an otter :D.

5. Greninja
Frog and Ninja are one of my 2 favourite things so there is no doubt that I'll like it. However it is isn't higher because IT IS ALSO ANNOYING how people always use Protean Greninja.

4: Swampert
I monster fish looks epic. It's also got quite an arsenal that can back up its stats.

3: Blastoise
My first ever Pokemon. I got so many memories of using this Pokemon and Surfing all over my opponents.

2: Feraligatr
I remember evolving Croconaw and I went "THAT IS AWESOME". It's got a good move pull especially when the when the generations past by.

1: Mega Blastoise
My childhood Pokemon has just became a bad***, from a massive cannon to an amazing ability and even a huge Sp. Attack.

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  1. Norzan's Avatar
    I complete agree about Mega Charizard Y, it should have been regular Charizard design.


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