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White Yoshi

My Top 10 Pokemon Movies.

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Pokemon has been around for decades now with Games, Cards, Manga, Anime, Merchandise and even Movies. There appears to be a movie for every season of the anime which in my opinion, are better than the show. I have seen most movies (the only 2 I haven't seen are: Pokemon Ranger: and the Temple of the Sea and Genesect and Mewtwo awakened).

1. Only movies that I have watched (so the ones I mentioned above do no qualify).
2. I won't be taking the mini Pikachu movies into account.

Here we go:

10: Pokemon Heroes.
I heard critism of this movie saying it was a huge disappointment so when I was able to watch I found it surprising that I enjoyedit. I really liked the 2 main villains Annie and Oakly showing impressive skills and I really loved the location. I grew attached to the main legendaries of the film Latios and Latias and was very upset to see Latios die for the town. The reason why this is low is even though I enjoyed the movie it lacked some pizazz to make me amazed.

9: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew.
This was when the Pokemon films got a bit stale but this movie changed it up a bit. I personally found the movie at the beginning to be quite funny but out of that it was quite entertaining. Seeing the movie go back to what happened in the past to the present for Lucarios character was great and while I personally found Lucario overrated prior to watching this movie, I grew a lot of respect and love for Lucario afterwords. Though Mew was a bit confusing for me and the movie would have been fine without it, in my opinion.

8: Zoroark: The Master of Illusion.
Sorry Lucario but your Unova cousin takes 8th place.
Seeing the Johto legendaries felt great in my opinion (especially having Raikou get movie screen time for once) and the Mother/Son relationship between Zoroark and Zorua felt very strong. I wish there was more to say about this movie other than the main villain is an ******* (but that is what made the movie even better).

7: Pokemon Black/White - Victini and Reshiram/Zekrom
This is the only movie I actually saw in theaters. Though I heard mixed reception on the 2 version idea, I really liked it as I was able to watch Reshiram (one of my favourite legendaries) be with the hero instead of Zekrom who was with the villain. Speaking of villain, Damon was very interesting one, as all he wanted to do was help his people that have been separated due to the old Tao Story. Not to mention Victini had an awesome role. I felt so sorry for Victini as it was stuck in a town for a long time. However the fake death of Victini was cheesy writing in my opinion.

6: Pokemon: The First Movie.
Surprised, it isn't in the top 3? Well, this movie was Amazing don't get me wrong but it didn't hold me in to be the greatest. Seeing the whole wiping memories ending thing felt a little cheap but other than that. I will be watching this movie any chance I get. Mewtwos role as an unstoppable villain who is against humanity was pretty great and so was his idea to prove clone Pokemon were better than normal Pokemon which lead to a massive brawl that wasn't entertaining but depressing and the moment where Ash got turned into stone in front of everyone was one of the saddest moments I have seen.

5: Pokemon 3: The Movie
The movie plot felt incredible, with Unown actually taking a big role in the plot and while there was an Entei. There was no major legendaries involved in the main plot and the movie didn't need one. The guest characters were all interesting and exciting to the point where I want to see them all again and the moment where Entei sacrificed himself was the saddest thing I have seen in a movie (I was in tears). Some may wonder why I haven't mentioned Charizard, well, since I never liked Charizard; I didn't really care if he appeared or not.

4: Giratina and the Sky Warrior.
I'll admit, the plot isn't as amazing as Pokemon 3: The Movie but the atmosphere of the film felt great as well as an interesting role of Giratina and an ****** Shaymin. This movie is the most funniest I have watch with Shaymins constant insults with Ash and his arrogance and I love to have a good laugh. I also liked the two guest characters having a relationship before a shut down which created the villain known as Zero. However the only thing I didn't like about the movie was the last minute throw in of Regigigas, was he even needed?

3: Arceus: and the Jewel of Life.
I really quite enjoyed this movie. I love the connections with this movie and the other 2 movies to come before it, since it is a trilogy. The Arceus back story was a bit depressing but rather amazed. Seeing Giratina, Palkia and Dialga fight with the heroes after what they have done was pretty strong and the time travelling to the previous event to change it was cliche but fitting for the movie (though I sense a time paradox).

2: The Rise of Darkrai
This movie was like a 10th Movie special as well as the start of a new thing. The plot of the film was a combination of the previous 9 films and it fitted quite well even if it was intentional or not. Just like the Zoroark movie, I can't find much I want to say but the song played at the end of the movie (Oracion) is brilliant.

1: Pokemon the Movie: 2000
I still watch this movie to this day every month or so. While the plot isn't as amazing as the Pokemon 3. Its other aspects beat every movie listed here to make this movie my favourite by far. The villain was the most interesting of them all as he is just a collector and makes you think "Is collecting every Pokemon a good thing"? The quest to get every orb before destruction kept me on the edge throughout the movie and Lugias song easily defeats Oracion. Lugia was a solid Legendary and his attempt to sacrifice was heartbreaking, this movie made Lugia my favourite legendary ever (alongside Reshiram).

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