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Pokemon and Its Generations

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by , 22nd October 2013 at 05:43 AM (439 Views)
While I was making my post for this topic I quickly realized that it became pretty opinionated and long winded... Seeing that everyone wouldn't want to see a long reason why I like each Generation as it is... I decided to make it into a Blog. Seems fitting for a first Blog to talk about all my experiences with this lovable game called Pokémon... The ga

Number 1: Generation 4 was above all my favorite generation. It just grew on me as I played Diamond. Then when I got Platinum, the game that solidified as probably my favorite generations. The change of the battle systems just made many pokes I liked actually useful in a battling sense and made many others I liked a bit awkward. What I enjoyed the most about generation 4 was the interface that used the touch pad for its random little gimmicks. A simple calculator + a walker counter, so fun to use for EV training and Pokéradar.

Number 2: Generations 2. This would have been my favorite for nostalgia, and yes it's because of nostalgia I'm ranking other generations before this one but there is also the issue that I didn't play much of Generation 5 and Generation 3 was... First playthrough had to reset due to soft locking on that Island. Stupid boat ride. I also enjoyed Generation 2 because it gave the first real taste of future Pokémon games: introducing new elements to the game and bringing new ideas to old lovable pokés.

Number 3: Generation 6. So far I found this Generation interactions between people to be fun and cute. Poké-Amie doesn't help to add the adorableness to the Pokés and then giving super buffs to your team inside the game... Sadly that buffs made the game a bit too easy and Exp. Share. Though the addition of Super Training was great and the other little additions to Pokémon breeding was great. My obsession to catch female Pokés in specific Pokéballs as gone crazy. :x

Number 4: Generation 1. What started the whole thing. Seriously I like to look back at the stuff that was from this game. Lavender Town theme and all the themes just makes me well up in great nostalgia. These old themes are still great to listen to, they may not be something spectacular but they're full of great memories of my gaming days. Heck this was the first game I ever beaten on my own accord without any help. Pokémon Origins anime did good on recapping and new insight on what could have happened in the game. I also want to use Mega-Charizard, that would have been awesome to use then.

Number 3: Generation 3. A fun generation... introduced running which made traveling around before the bike and inside buildings smoother in the game. Also the Rival isn't a complete douchebag helped me enjoy the game a bit more. Team Magma/Aqua was an odd group since in each game one was a bad guy/good guy, though basically both groups were super-environmental terrorists... yeah they were a odd group. At least the Pokémon Special made the characters from the game to be one of my favorites. Kept to the basic formula to Pokémon and introduced double battles which added a new element in Pokémon battle strategies.

Unranked: Generation 5. I would say much about this Generation but what I really can say is... I didn't really play much of it. Got Black and completed the game in one playthrough... N didn't strike me off as an adoring character many people have. I thought of him as an interesting character, though I read a few chapters of Black/White Pokémon Special and from what I read... I couldn't like him. He is an odd character that was being manipulated by his own father, which Ghetsis needs to be put in an asylum. Though I only played the first half of the game and the second part I didn't touch which probably would have changed my views of the characters of this Generation (though probably Ghetsis will stay the same). Though I have to say, visually I liked the environment change but the Pokémon battle sprites... wasn't spectacular. It was as if they used Generation 4 design and threw in some Crystal animation but have it infinitely looped. Though... If I had to rank this game... Probably after Generation 6.

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