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Fancy Vivillon GET!

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Apparently the GTS Trade Tracker hit 100 million some time within the past 24 hours, which means we should be hearing info about that Fancy Pattern Vivillon distribution soon! Woot woot~! :D

Now I just need to somehow get my hands on a Poké Ball Pattern Vivillon and my collection will be complete. Not woot woot... :(

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  1. Fairy Type Arceus's Avatar
    to bad france is the only place that got them.
  2. Shiny Celebi's Avatar
    Oh really? That's awesome I love that Fancy pattern one, so I hope they give it out soon. Im also in need of the Pokeball pattern too.
  3. Tyrfing's Avatar
    I'm going to pick it up, but I'm honestly indifferent. I don't see what the big deal in getting many forms of the same mon is all about, but I'll probably put it on my team if it is level 20-25 (I'm still stuck in Reflection Cave, have been for a week, that place is a living hell)
  4. ShinyLinoone's Avatar
    Lol I have the Pokéball one legit from France but I wunna keep it
  5. farewell, friend's Avatar
    I want the Poggeyball one too :(
    It's so pretty and ///exclusive


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