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  1. My Colorful New Toy

    It's been awhile since I've been on Bulbagarden! Maybe around a month. But I'm back now~


    So I'm visiting my father for (seemingly) the entire summer in Vermont. However, due to a long story I'm not going to get into, the only electronics I had on me were an iPad Mini (which I'm using now) and a PSVita that I barely ever use. (Meaning no Pokemon X! My goal of completing the PokeDex and being the very best is on hold now...)
    However, a little ...
  2. My fastest shiny hunt, EVER

    So, this past weekend I got three shiny Pokemon
    The shiny Treecko that was the topic of my last blog
    Another shiny Treecko, which is for a friend
    Yesterday I randomly decided to hunt Darkrai (yes I used AR to GET to the island in Platinum, but not for the hunt itself) and I got 'em after only 50 soft resets.
    Before today, my top three fastest hunts were -
    1) My first shiny, a Misdreavus, after 61 eggs
    2) Darkrai after 50 soft resets
    3) That first ...
  3. Treeko is mocking me.

    So, my friend and I recently did a VS of Pokemon Emerald for YouTube.
    Spoilers -

    She won.
    Now, I enjoy hunting shinies, and I haven't done it in awhile, so I offered to breed her a shiny of her choosing, and she chose Treeko. But she wanted certain egg moves.
    So, in order to get these egg moves, I needed to acquire a female Treeko, and I only had a male Sceptile, so I started breeding it with my foreign Ditto. All I wanted was a female Treeko.
    And on the ...
  4. A few Birthday Gifts~

    So my birthday is on the 20th of this month, and my grandmother - who normally lives an hour away - is in Florida until April. So she gave me a budget and let me go on an eBay shopping spree! :D
    Gifts will be coming in the mail all of this week, and some of next week.
    The FIRST ONE I got on Monday. It's the finishing pieces for my Pokemon Trainer Red cosplay! I'm not going to show pictures of it just yet, but it's for a convention at the end of the month :D
    I wasn't able to ...
  5. Finally! A Green Shell!

    So I've been soft resetting for a shiny Squirtle since mid-winter vacation, on and off. And today, after 2,568 soft resets, in the middle of my last class for the day -
    Woohoo! I don't plan to use it competitively or anything, but it's still great! I need to get to at LEAST Lavender Town before any transferring so I can nickname it, but I don't mind. It's great to have my favorite Pokemon as a shiny, finally
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