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  1. someone explain this!!

    Is it me or does this character look a lot lika a girl?!

    Because I've been told its a GUY!

    I mean let's look at this picture aswell:

    Regardless of the male symbols, he still looks like a girl!! D~:
    Apex presentations
  2. Superbowl: the statistics

    So yeah I read this in the paper today, it was a few facts about how much food was bought on superbowl Sunday:

    1,200 calories eaten during the game
    50,000,000 cases of beer sold
    $7.4 billion dollars spent on snacks
    8,000,000 pounds of guacamole consumed
    Antacids sales increased 20% the next day
    1.25 billion chicken wings eaten
    Dominos and pizza hut sold 29,000,000 slices of pizza.

    Dunno about you lot but that's quite ...
  3. Masta apex presents 2014

    Its gone midnight over here in england and its now 2014! Happy new year everyone!
    For all those still in 2013, CATCH UP MAN! We have robots now! There now policing the streets, cars are flying and vending machine can now talk! Oh yeah and we live in the sky now! =D
    Everythings just fine haha!
    Have a good one everyone! >:~D

    Yours in christ
    Masta apex

    Just saying happy thanksgiving day from the UK! To all the american bmgf users, have a great day!
  5. Random Messages 9

    Quote Originally Posted by Enzap View Post
    Ok, so here's the list of royal family/staff so far:

    King- Enzap
    Queen- Zima
    Princess/CiC- Insert Name Here
    Court Jester- Drey and KM
    Maid- Hyper
    Chef- Akromatic
    Security- Terrell and apex
    Wine Taster- FairyGaga
    Queen's Servant- Sky
    Knight- Dark Kyriaki

    I think Rainbow, Moko, Charles, HeavenBlade, Shiny Celebi, Xita, Abba, and Milka still need roles.
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