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Serious question for those who read this

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by , 20th November 2013 at 02:26 PM (604 Views)
I haven't been a part of Bulbagarden Forms for very long but it really does seem like a well active forum community. While I'm not really interested in becoming active in the forum in general, I am for the most part active in the URPG section of the forum and was wondering why it appears that there isn't more members from the community involved in it as well. I know this time of year things are generally slow but even then some activity can still happen.

I only ask this because I've seen activity go up and down through the years. Life is life and it comes first before a game. It's something that we all understand. But I spend my time thinking and worrying that one day something this fun and this great will one day come to and end like most things eventually do...

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    Doubt this place will just disappear. I was looking for a place like this for years. YEARS! I stumble though a bunch of fake forum for otaku fans, perverts or for people who were just bored. And then I happily came to bulba-forums. I have since quit a lot of other sites and no matter how busy I get I always manage to come by to check out my bulba family. I've made some pretty cool friends and even learned how to find people like me in my area! A place and commuinity as real as this can never just disappear because this is what people are looking for. And yeah, we all got lives to live and things to do. But then life gets quiet and gives us a chance to reconnect with the bulba-fam, and as long as it's here we will keep on coming back.


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