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Lord Draco

Artificial mega evolutions?

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I have being wondering this for a while now: How come Mewtwo can mega evolve? I mean because Mewtwo is an artificial Pokemon and mega evolving Pokemon are natural and created by Arceus. Plus, mega stones are naturally created. AND, Mega evolution apparently works when a trainer has a high bond with it's trainer and Mewtwo does not like humans as shown in the anime. And in the film genesect and the legend awakened Mewtwo does not have a trainer with a key stone and it has not got a mega stone.

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  1. Charles Dunois's Avatar
    First off, Arceus has nothing to do with Mega Evolution. Secondly, Mega Stones were likely not created with a specific Pokemon in mind, but it is likely that Mewtwo was simply the only Pokemon that reacted to Mewtwonite. Thirdly, that's the anime, not the games. The anime has always made stuff up and twisted shit around, and while game!Mewtwo may actually have disliked humans at first, it's entirely possible for it to change its mind. Lastly, and again, that's the anime. What it says doesn't necessarily apply to the games.
  2. Robo-Floatzel's Avatar
    He can Mega Evolve through Pokemon-logic, that's how.
  3. Polkadot Jolteon's Avatar
    My quarrel with Mega Evolution is how everyone thinks it's deliberate, and so is pondering on Mewtwo's Mega Evolutions.

    The Mega Stones are just a bunch of rocks that were affected by the energies of Xerneas and Yveltal, that some Pokémon happen to be able to utilise them to go all Darth Sideous.

    Mewtwo is one of the Pokémon that is capable of utilising certain variations of the Mega Stone. That's it.
  4. GastlyGibus's Avatar
    Because Gamefreak wanted to appeal to silly-billies.

    Haha, j/k. The way I see it, Mewtwo doesn't hate humans, he just respects power above all else. I'm sure if a powerful trainer were to capture Mewtwo then he would have some amount of respect for the trainer.
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