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  1. New Game announce

    Sorry for begging in, but I made a new game in Fun and Games forums but no one comes in, or played with yet.
    Quote Originally Posted by Samtendo09 View Post
    Do you know about interactive stories? I bet you do.
    This is simple. All you need is to do three steps;
    1. Choose one of the given actions from post of above.
    2. Write a short story involving the actions you has chosen.
    3. Gives two or more interactive options so user below can keep going.

    (Tip: In order to let the others know which option you choose, quote the
  2. Gen EX Pokémon Battle

    Sorry for non-X/Y blog entry but my finished Gen EX list is full of evolvable Pokémon and no stand-alone (unless you counts Legendaries) and a total of 262 fanmade Pokémon of mine (this excludes Kalos Expansion).

    So I think about a special thread in multimedia fan creation called Gen EX Pokémon Battle, constiting only fully-evolved and Legendary Pokémon. I add a specefic voting battle for each set of Pokémon, each of them with Types, Stats, possible moves and Abilities. I'll start ...