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This is getting really frustrating

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im starting to think masuda method is full of lies. i've been breeding for a shiny charmander with no success, using a 6IV charmander hatched by me with a french female with 5IV. i dont know the exact number, but i think im around 800+ eggs. it wasn't all a waste, i got at least like 8 charmanders with 6IV (even a female with HA), before i stopped checking the IVs (i only check the females that have stats like 12/5/6/6/6/6 as in max for a lv 1 timid charmander), but it's really getting annoying. mostly because it keeps me from breeding other stuff. in the short break i took from this quest i bred like 3 perfect phantumps(each with a different nature) and a perfect axew. i resumed the shiny hunt because i couldn't decide what i was going to breed next, proabably a larvityar but im still doubtful on the sets i want
anyway i just felt like writing this to share my frustration which a lot of you must have felt once

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  1. Gard81's Avatar
    I understand perfectly how you feel. I had the exact same thoughts, and was about to give up on breeding a Solosis, but finally after the third day, I managed to get one. It's really hard to differentiate a shiny Solosis from a regular one, thank goodness for the red star. And what you described perfectly fits with attempts at getting a shiny Fletchling. I bred so many perfect ones, I didn't care anymore and just released all the non-shiny ones. Long story short, it's not a lie, it's just really taxing.
  2. Dolce's Avatar
    I feel the pain, I bred around 700 eggs for my Pumpkaboo. And I got irritated myself because it felt like it would never show. But I kept hatching eggs anyways because I was stubborn and didn't want to give in. So try and hang in there!
  3. weeaboo's Avatar
    It's chances, not a guarantee.

    Some people get the shiny in 9 eggs, some get it in 1200.
  4. Kyriaki's Avatar
    I had to breed 1000+ eggs to get my shiny Cranidos (I gave up counting around 700+). I started breeding a Cranidos couple (one foreign) ever since Black2, and then I had them transferred over to Gen6 and it still took up quite a few full boxes before I got one. It took two generations for me to get one shiny. It's seriously frustrating, but as long as you don't give up, a shiny will eventually hatch.
  5. Ravioko's Avatar
    Yeah, exactly what Midas said. The masuda method DOES increase your chances, but it's not going to guarantee anything. The first shiny I EVER got was a Misdreavus I hacthed after 61 eggs, but the next time I tried the masuda method, I got to 900+ eggs with nothing.
  6. Herbizarre's Avatar
    During all my breeding sessions (with Masuda method, just in case), I got two shinies from breeding in X & Y : an Eevee (which I evolved into an Espeon, which has outstanding IVs surprisingly), and a male Combee (even if it was a female, it wouldn't be nearly as usable as that Eevee). In fact, the male Combee was the very first egg of the "Get a good Vespiquen" operation, which made me laugh.

    Right now, I'm shiny hunting Hawluchas via the Masuda Method and after 627 eggs, I got nothing but white Hawluchas so far. Keep on trying, you'll eventually get it !
  7. faucin's Avatar
    yeah, im very aware that the chances are still little ,it's just that i was pretty excited when i started and now i just want to get the shiny to get this over with and move on to other pokes :P
  8. Codface's Avatar
    Got my first hatch shiny after 1500 mm eggs. Next hatch was within 200. Its pure luck
  9. Apawn's Avatar
    Flabebe First try 1000+ eggs fail
    Mudkipz 100 eggs then shiny
  10. Zima's Avatar
    I personally think using the Friend Safari is a more efficient way of finding shinies, but they don't always contain the Pokemon you want most.


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