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The reasoning behind a six absol team.

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Most people think I am crazy when I talk about having a six absol team, but it honestly could work. Now I will explain how, but first I will make note that what I am going to say will more then likely go against almost everything you have ever read about absol. The reason for that is that most people focus on maximizing absols obvious strengths, but in doing so almost completely forget that absol is very versatile in the moves it can learn. This versatility gives it the capability to have a super effective move against every type it goes up against, at the cost of losing its same type attack bonus, or "stab". As a compliment to its versatility absol also has a high speed stat, meaning it has a higher chance to move first, and a really high attack stat, meaning that even without the STAB absol can knock out most pokemon in one hit (barring pokemon with items or abilities that prevent one hit knock outs).

Saying that, absol is fast, but is definitely not the fastest pokemon out there, but an item such as a quick claw can take care of that by giving absol a chance to move first. Or you can go the alternate route and give absol a focus sash to make up for its rather average defense so that your absol can withstand an attack that would normally knock it out in one go, and then proceed to take out the opposing pokemon.

As for abilities, Absols main ability is pressure, which makes it to where pokemon use more PP per attack, but is practically useless on absol because even with a focus sash it would only take at most two attacks to knock absol out. The ability you really want an absol to have is super luck, which raises absols critical hit ratio. I'll explain the advantage there in case you don't know. Now an attack that does not have any strength or weakness against a pokemon only does 1x damage. With a critical hit that is raised to 2x damage, or double what you would normally do. Now a super effective move does 2x normally, but with a critical hit that is raised to 4x damage, meaning you do four times as much damage as you normally would. As for moves that are not very effective, they only do 0.5x damage. With a critical hit that is raised to 1x damage, or what your pokemon would do normally. Absol already has a lot of moves that have high critical hit ratios, so super luck will raise absols already ridiculously high critical hit ratio to even more ridiculous heights.

Now to sum it all up,

Absol has a very versatile moveset, learning moves such as Psycho cut, flamethrower, thunderbolt, ice beam, play rough, rock tomb, rock smash, night slash, and x - scissor, to name a few. This allows absol to be prepared for any type it would come across in battle. Absol is a bit weak in defense, so you either want to make sure it will move first with items such as quick claw, or that it will survive at least one hit with items such as focus sash. Absols best ability is super luck, which will raise it's critical hit ratio.

Now then, regrettably there are a few flaws with this team, but I'll just name the obvious ones.

Same type- all of your pokemon are the same type, meaning that it is possible that one pokemon could wipe out your team.

Loss of stab- in order to use absols versatility to its full efectiveness, then you will more then likely have to give up a few of their STAB bonuses.

Luck- this strategy relies on quite a bit of luck. There are no guarantees that your quick claw will work when you need it to, that you're going to land a much needed critical hit, and definitely no guarantees that your move will even hit the other pokemon.

Those are the most obvious flaws, but as with most other strategys, these flaws can be nullified with a little bit of practice and experience. Your absols moveset does not matter much, as long as it allows for your six absol team to cover just about every type that it comes across.

Finally, as I'm sure you can tell this team can't be used in official competitive play, but if you are playing against your friends or against a random passerby that has challenged you through the PSS then this tea. Is very effective.

And with that I'm finally done. I won't go into specific move sets as I am too lazy, but you can see the full list of moves that absol can learn at its bulbagarden page, or just by looking it up on the internet.

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  1. DracoMan's Avatar
    The "loss of STAB" bit doesn't make much sense. Why wouldn't you teach a Dark-type Pokémon a Dark-type attack? That makes it a lot less useful against the types it's supposed to be good against (Psychic and Ghost). There's little point in having a Dark-type Pokémon if you're not gonna use Dark-type moves.

    And why would sacrificing STAB be important for versatility? You've got six Absol. Each one can have a different variety of moves while still knowing a Dark attack like Night Slash.
  2. GastlyGibus's Avatar
    Just to clarify, Generation 6 actually changed the multiplier for critical hits. A critical hit in X/Y now does x1.5 damage, as opposed to the x2 damage from previous games. Super-effective hits still do the x2 damage, though. It's just not x4 damage anymore with a critical super-effective hit. :P
  3. Stratelier's Avatar
    Actually Pressure works well if you combine it with Protect. Use Protect every other turn and you effectively quadruple your opponent's PP usage. (If you can combine it with fast Substitute then you can basically guarantee yourself 7 turns of not dying regardless of what attack your opponent does.)

    Now here's the fun part about Super Luck: If you equip Super Luck Absol with a Scope Lens, any attack with a high-crit rate will ALWAYS CRIT in Gen 6. That's an instant +50% boost to every attack (STAB or otherwise) which also cuts through any Reflects/Light Screens or offensive/defensive buffers.

    Me, I would love to run a monotype Volt Absorb/Lightningrod combo in Double or Triple Battles sometime. Consider: If you have two Lightningrod Pokemon side by side, both of them using Discharge every turn, their Sp.Attack is going to be going up very fast. In Triples, place a Volt Absorb Pokemon (also using Discharge) in the center and they'll be healed 50% per turn. Anything that's not Ground is going to be in for one hell of a zapping.
  4. Master Mew's Avatar
    Breloom sweeps the whole team with priority OHKOs from Mach Punch.

    Weavile outspeeds (even outspeeds Mega Absol) and sweeps the whole team with OHKOs from Low Kick (or Brick Break).

    Sylveon OHKOs with Hyper Voice (or Moon Blast), but of course Absol outspeeds it, so Sylveon will "only" sweep 2-3 members of your team.

    Azumarill OHKOs with Play Rough, but of course Absol outspeeds it, so Azumarill will "only" sweep 2-3 members of your team.

    Most Choice Scarfers would love facing this team, too.

    These are some awfully common pokemon to have to worry about crippling your entire team, not to mention that there are very few battle formats you can play in where Species Clause isn't in effect - and they aren't really formats I'd want to play in (for reasons other than Species Clause).

    EDIT: Not to mention, why Absol? It's not like it's the only pokemon with a broad movepool, or even the best. Off the top of my head, Smeargle and Mew completely overshadow Absol's movepool, and the latter has better stats as well.
    Updated 20th March 2014 at 11:46 AM by Master Mew
  5. The absolis's Avatar
    First of all thank you for showing me more flaws in my system. Now I can think about them and cover them.

    First off, as draconian pointed out, the loss of stab does not make sense. That flaw is only a possible flaw. You very well could teach all your absols a dark type move, but you do not have to.

    As for the point gastlygibus raised, thank you for pointing that out. I was not aware of this change.

    As for the issues raised by master mew, I said in the post that this team is not for competitive use, a six absol team is just a fun thing to use against your friends. As for the pokemon that can out speed absol, that's why I mentioned the use of a quick claw, and one of the obvious flaws of the team is its reliance on luck. Any of those pokemon could take down a six absol team, and could if you are particularly unlucky.

    Finally, as for why absol. If you can't figure out why The Absolis (I.e me) would make a six absol team, then it is not worth my time to explain it
  6. Master Mew's Avatar
    Well naturally for casual link battles you can use anything you'd like, and I can see why you like Absol as a pokemon, I was just under the impression from your post that you were suggesting Absol was an especially good candidate for a mono-mon team because of its movepool. If that's not the case then obviously I retract my counterpoint about pokemon with broader movepools.


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