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A Link Between Worlds

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by , 16th January 2014 at 11:51 AM (414 Views)
So i been playing the hell out of A Link Between Worlds, awesome game and already one of my Top 5 Favourite Zelda games. So i been noticing a common complaint about this game is that it's rather easy and i'm like seriously? Zelda games have been extremely easy since A Link To The Past, there was only two bosses that i found rather hard in that game and it were the Helmasaur King and Trinexx, the rest of the game was really easy. And then people say that they only played on Normal Mode and i'm like of course it's easy you are playing in Normal Mode, play it on Hero Mode and the game is more challenging. Seriously some people complain about a game being easy when they are playing it on the easy difficult.

I just have one complaint about the game, Hero Mode should have been available from the start, you have to complete Normal Mode to unlock it so when you start playing on Hero Mode you already know what every boss does, where's every piece of heart and know the solution to all the puzzles so it removes some of challenge.

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  1. Codface's Avatar
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    I enjoyed the game but as a Zelda vet I found it very straight forward. Got to the final final encounter within a day (about 10hrs). Only one puzzle all game stumped me and that wasnt really a puzzle more my dumbness.

    Still lots of side stuff kept me busy for another 8hours before I bothered to beat the last boss.

  2. Norzan's Avatar
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    @Codface; that's my other complaint, the game is rather short at least for a Zelda game. The puzzles in the top down perspective Zelda games have been always easy to solve so i can't complain about it, the puzzles are more elaborate in the home console games and even then they are not hard to solve.


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