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IV breeding

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I hated it with a passion in Gen 5, i think the best i got was a 3 perfect IVs Garchomp and it was like after 3 days of breeding non stop.

Now in Gen 6, while still tedious sometimes (i think my fastest IV breeding was 30 minutes), it's goddamn addicting, i already bred two whole boxes of pokemon and got like two with leftovers and now i everytime i look at a pokemon i want to IV breed for it. Like right now i want breed for a Machamp, Pangoro and Hippowdon, i don't even like Machamp but i might too since IV breeding made me like a bunch of pokemon i didn't care for before like Azumarill, Ferrothorn and Crawdaunt.

it never ends T.T

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  1. sharkshocker's Avatar
    Yep, it's such an improvement compared to previous gens that you get overloaded with breeding @_@ The first set of parents is usually the hardest but then you can use those within their egg groups and it just explodes from there! Then you can trade the leftovers at the Trade Station for more IV parents...it's a vicious cycle :D
  2. Doormat's Avatar
    Yeah my breeding woes are mostly over thanks to X & Y. I just wish there weren't so many egg moves that can only be accessed if you have pokebank. Hopefully OR/AS will rectify this with a Move Tutor.
  3. Norzan's Avatar
    @sharkshocker; I have pretty much a male father with perfect IVs for every egg group and now i want a Pinsirite for the Pinsir i want to breed, sigh it's a vicious cycle indeed.
    Updated 22nd June 2014 at 07:38 PM by Norzan


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