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I finished Emerald three days ago (and remakes of R/S were announced the next day, the coincidence) and realized this: i sucked at Pokemon back then. I played on Set and hardly any Gym Leader posed any kind of threat or my pokemon came any close to fainting, i blame the atrocious movesets that most Gym Leaders pokemon have and then i read people saying that they don't make the games as difficult as before and i'm like What?, seriously replay the games and you'll notice how easy they are and that you just sucked at Pokemon back then. I'm seriously considering replaying Platinum to say how easy it is.

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  1. Me Gusta's Avatar
    As a 6 year old playing Gold and Silver, I sucked bad. It took me forever to get past Bugsy and Falkner. But then it was easy once I got to like, Morty. By the time I got Sapphire about 3 or 4 months later, Pokemon was easy and fun. Though in Sapphire, grinding needs to happen now. I'm having troubles in my recent playthrough, because it takes forever to grind. It's really fun trying to fight a level 51 Dusclops with a level 34 Sableye... Not!
  2. Reila's Avatar
    I replayed Emerald a few months ago and yes, it is way more challenging than the Gen V and VI games. It is not Battletoads, Mega Man or Dark Souls level of difficulty, of course, but it doesn't have the difficulty of a Kirby game either. Also, if you always catch a Pokémon with type advantage against the next gym leader, right before battling said gym leader (like catching a Machop JUST to beat Whitney's Miltank, instead of using your other Pokémon) or if you used the EXP.share in X/Y's main game, you can't really complain about lack of difficulty in Pokémon games. The difficulty is there, you're just choosing to exploit the game mechanics to make it easier.
  3. Reila's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Me Gusta
    It's really fun trying to fight a level 51 Dusclops with a level 34 Sableye... Not!
    It is far more fun than fighting a level 34 Dusclops with a level 51 Sableye, like what happens in X/Y thanks to Exp.Share, that is fore sure.
  4. Norzan's Avatar
    @Reila; In X and Y i didn't used the Exp. Share, the Pokemon Amie and played on Set, my pokemon actualy fainted and i came close to losing a few times, in my recent Emerald playthrough my pokemon never fainted, i never came close to losing so i don't see how it's harder. But harder than B/W that's for sure, seriously at least X and Y has Exp. Share, Pokemon Amie to blame for the lack difficulty, B/W has absolutely nothing to blame for the lack of difficulty, the game is straight easy. I never used the Machop before Whitney, she never once defeated me, Clair's Kingdra on the other hand is a different story.
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