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The REAL Gary oak

pokemon is so great

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by , 10th July 2013 at 11:49 AM (385 Views)
10 years old. that magical age when ur old enough to traverse the pokemon world. in whichever region u may live in, there is somekind of path that u need to follow. the path that marks ur destiny. with ur starter pokemon with you, u traverse the world in search of fun, adventure, and new discoveries. catching more loyal friends to join ur side, u rise through the ranks from an unknown novie to pokemon champion. Man if pokemon was real i would be so happy. travel the world with friends, experiencing things i could never experience just sitting at home. where im tested to my limits and even discover things about myself i had yet to discover.

going from gym to gym, winning badges to prove my worth. training my pokemon to be both strong fighters and loyal companions. Being in the pokemon world must be swell. sure there may be dangers, like a stampede of taurises rush towards me, but its that thrill of what could happen that makes it seem much more exciting. im sure alot of other people wish they were in the pokemon world rite now. its okay to dream and imagine, i do it all the time. i loved pokemon ever since it came out ( i was about 2 or 3). and i love everything about pokemon. EVERYTHING! thank you Satoshi Tajiri for finding a fun way to bring the world together especially with the whole gts and wifi capabilities. THANK YOU ALL!

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  1. Trainer Gabriel's Avatar
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    Pokémon is older than ten years. But I agree with what you say in this blog.
  2. The REAL Gary oak's Avatar
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    No I meant 10 years old as in when a kid is 10 his journey starts bit anyway thanks.


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