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K: Missing Kings

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to premier sometime during the summer! July 2014 I believe.

@Squall Leonhart

And I think you were also fond of it:

I don't care if you guys knew about this/watched it already. kidding

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  1. FinalArcadia's Avatar
    Forgot that this was coming out so I'm glad you mentioned me here, thanks! XD This looks like it'll be worth the wait (and that animation was looking really sharp), and any chance for more Kuroh is always good.
  2. Eleven's Avatar
    Yes, please! :D

    Seeing Yata doing his tricks on the skateboard is making me want to watch the first season again. XD
  3. Midorikawa's Avatar
    So can't wait for that, though disappointed my baby stayed in the child body instead of going back to his own. I'm really curious about That guy using the red sword and seeing Makoto in one scene. I hope we get to see the other kings.
  4. Kyriaki's Avatar
    I'm really really really really really looking forward to this!! Munakataaaaaaaaaa <3
  5. Momoka's Avatar
    Oooh, I forgot this was coming out! I'm really excited to see Mikoto since it looks like he might be in it? I'm a little confused about that, but hey, seeing him in the movie would be super great. <3
  6. Midorikawa's Avatar
    @Momoka; is it a movie? I thought it was a second season of K or is that something else?
  7. Squall Leonhart's Avatar
    late to seeing this omg

    Oh whoa, I kept meaning to watch this and now I finally have. Looks like it'll be really good, I'm looking forward to it!!

    @Midorikawa; Yeah, pretty sure it's only a movie


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