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  1. So I don't really want to give

    one of my friends a late Christmas gift. He has a tendency of gifting stuff he's already used(ex. Playstation 2, DVDs)and that's understandable because not all of us have the money to purchase gifts BUT last year he gave me the first 3 seasons of Supernatural ONLY to tell me I had to give them back one day because he really likes them. HOW IS THAT A GIFT LOLOLOLOLOL

    He did give me 2 Kuroko no Basket mini blind box figures, so that kind of makes it up plus I didn't give him a gift ...
  2. K: Missing Kings

    to premier sometime during the summer! July 2014 I believe.

    @Squall Leonhart

    And I think you were also fond of it:

    I don't care if you guys knew about this/watched it already. kidding