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Story of the Burning Blade

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by , 2nd July 2013 at 05:57 PM (317 Views)
Hey guys its FireBlader15 with another blog for you guys.

So this blog is the story of when I discover Pokèmon and the Origen of FireBlader15. Back when I was in Kindergarden my sisters got the first version of the Nintendo Ds I really wanted one but I got a GameBoy Advance Mini. But during that time though the ages of 3 and 4 I currently started watching the Pokèmon Anime. By the time I was 6 in 1st grade I got the Ds lite then shortly after new year's I got Pokèmon Diamond which made 4th gen the start of my Pokèmon Journey. Now when I came up with FireBlader15 when I was in fourth grade I fuse Fire and Blader and 15 together Fire to represent my love for Fire types, Blader to represent my favor of blades and 15 because its my favorite and lucky number. But it wasn't that at first I wanted to start a YouTube called MatthewTV which was my first name combined with tv it's a good I'd change it.

That's it for this blog see ya next time.

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  1. Hidden Mew's Avatar
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    Man, back when I was in kindergarten, Pokemon wasn't even around. My first game was Pokemon Silver for Game Boy Color. Fun times.
  2. FireBlader15's Avatar
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    I'm 11 so I have been playing Pokèmon for 5 years


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