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Random Smash Talk.

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by , 13th February 2014 at 09:25 PM (220 Views)
Ok little Mac is in Smash Bros Wii U/3DS, I really never wanted this character in the game not liked everyone else. But he'll make a nice addition.

But there is one character that I want in Smash Bros over all other than Rosalina who made in. I want Viridi, I do not know anyone else other than Team Gaara who likes this character. She has a chance but not a huge one, her attacks can be focused on her staff and nature related things like her final smash being a reset bomb. She can ride in on a chunk of earth carry by nutski's, she can make a giant vine come out of the ground and so much more do you people see why I want this character so much.

(Bad title is bad I just realized)

Bowser Jr really Sakurai why haven't you put him smash yet you can see him in the mega man trailer in the cutscene.

Ice climbers why are you not gone yet.

Random Smash talk this was random no one say anything about this last sentence, SMOKE BOMB!

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  1. Team Gaara's Avatar
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    Viridi is a stage hazard, so I don't really see her making the playable list.

    Also, the Ice Climbers haven't been confirmed to be back yet.
  2. Charles Dunois's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Team Gaara
    Viridi is a stage hazard, so I don't really see her making the playable list.
    This. Phosphora for SSB4 tho.
  3. Codface's Avatar
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    Another poor char imo. Wii fit trainer also sucks. Seriously just use main franchise characters.
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  4. Vubberth's Avatar
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    I wish that Roy would come back from Melee. My cousin and I used to play that game. We didn't know Japanese, and so whenever Roy would win the match we just assumed he said "your mama betcha little boy."

    What a great character.


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