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More ways nintendo can step up their game

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by , 4th February 2014 at 07:41 PM (318 Views)
Come on Nintendo step it up here's more ways for ya.

RELEASE POKÈMON BANK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remake Mario Party 2
Now I think Mario Party 2 was one of the best Mario games cause you costumes and stuff and plus good mini games and it would be to have be remake.

Continue Kid Icarus games
Now this would be nice you know your thinking "but Hades was destroy what could the enemy be". Well I'll tell you can have the enemy be the Space Pirates, the Forces of Nature or even the Arum.

Star Fox?
Now I'm not a big Star Fox fan but where's the next game in series serious we need a new game.

Super Mario Sunshine 2 and Mario Galaxy 3
Come on we all want it.

Remake Earthbound in HD
That's right I want this for every earthbound fan they would love this Stephen George from StephenPlays would a heart attack.

Metroid please with Cherri's on top.
Come on we this to its like nintendo's only FPS.

Fire Emblem cross Persona or Shin Megami whatever it's call.
Where is this?

Well that's everything have bye bye

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  1. kyogre545's Avatar
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    I'm definitely waiting to hear news on FE x SMT, I was so psyched after they announced it last year! I doubt we will see a remake of EarthBound, because Itoi-san said he had no further plans for the MOTHER series.
  2. Ravioko's Avatar
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    You missed releasing Flipnote Studio 3D to the US and Europe. We've been waiting since August 1st of last year.
  3. Team Gaara's Avatar
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    Totally agree about more Kid Icarus games. Not sure about the Space Pirates or Forces of Nature being enemies as of now, but we could definitely see what happened to Pyrrhon since his fate was unclear.

    I'd also be cool with Metroid, Earthbound, and Starfox since those are some games I've never played outside of Smash Bros and would like to.
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  4. Booster the Gawd's Avatar
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    Let me say a crazy idea. Nintendo make a new IP. *gets shot*


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