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Hopes for Super Smash Bros 4

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by , 24th August 2013 at 09:22 AM (886 Views)
Hey guys its FireBlader15 here with some Smash Bros Talk. So I'm talking my hopes for Smash Bros 4 so let's go talking about Smash.

Jigglypuff and Ice Climbers are taken out of Smash.
Ok I know I'm gonna get a lot of hate but listen to me how many people do you that plays jigglypuff or ice climbers in brawl or melee but if there keeping jigglypuff change its final smash.

Don't bring Walugi and Daisy in Smash.
Ok we know that a lot people want Walugi and some people want Daisy but what is they're chances there spin-off characters.

No left alone characters.
Alright we need characters for F-Zero,Kid Icarcus and Sonic franchises but not animal crossing but if any new characters are added from new games that haven't been in smash don't leave them by themselves.

At least one Namco Bandai Character.
The title of this hope explains itself.

Keep Marth and Ike in Smash with Crom and Masked Marth.
I haven't any Fire Emblem games but why should Marth and Ike be kick out its so unfair for people who play these characters and that's me I play them so Sakurai please keep them in.

Alright those are my hopes Super Smash Bros 4 please comment on this and my other blogs and I'll see you in Smash Talk

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  1. Akromatic's Avatar
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    "Take Jigglypuff and Ice Climbers out of Smash"
    Ice Climbers might go, but Jigglypuff was one of the original Smashers, so it has no chance of leaving.

    "Don't bring Waluigi and Daisy into Smash"
    I personally want Waluigi to be more than an assist trophy (he's an interesting character, especially the way the fandom displays him). Daisy, however, would be a clone of Peach.

    "No left alone franchises"
    I'm all for more characters that aren't clones.

    "At least one Namco Bandai Character"
    No thoughts.

    "Keep Marth and Ike in SMash with Crom and Masked Marth"
    See above.
  2. Turtwig A's Avatar
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    As to people playing Jigglypuff in Melee, it was actually one of the most played characters in the competitive game iirc. That changed in Brawl though.
  3. Team Gaara's Avatar
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    I don't think Jigglypuff will be leaving, it's one of the originals. And I think the Ice Climbers are good (I can't play as them, but...) . I wouldn't mind if they were removed or kept, though.

    I actually would like Daisy in the game if she's different than Peach. More Sonic characters would be cool, and I hope they keep Marth and Ike.
  4. Rainbow's Avatar
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    That's a silly reason to remove some characters. The bigger the roster, the better.
  5. GliscorMan's Avatar
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    Marth they're going to keep, that's a given. Same with Jigglypuff.

    Ice Climbers I'm not too sure about, but it isn't out of the question that they might stay.

    I highly doubt that Ike is going to make it into the game. Know why? Marth is the series mascot, and Ike is just the mascot of two games. He was new and novel, the most recent lead character, in the games that were out when Brawl was released. Now, its Chrom that has the spotlight. I'm expecting him to replace Ike.

    Masked Marth, if anything, is going to be a skin for Chrom. They have the exact same fighting styles.

    Daisy just plain won't be in the game. She's completely identical to Peach. A skin is guaranteed, but beyond that... Just isn't going to happen.

    I have no opinion on Waluigi, however I doubt he'd make it into the game.

    No thoughts about the Namco Bandai stuff. I mean, I guess it could happen...

    I think its kinda cool that the Villager made it. My guess is that he'll be chilling with Pit, Captain Falcon, Sonic, Megaman, the Wii Fit Trainer, and Olimar as standalone characters.

    There was a lot of talk about Solid Snake, about how he didn't fit the profile of a Brawl character. I really want to see him return, but maybe that's just me.

    Things that I hope won't make it include... Wolf, Toon Link, and Mr. Game and Watch.
  6. Karamazov's Avatar
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    I'd actually get the game if it had Daisy. I like her way more than Peach.
  7. Phoenixphlare's Avatar
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    My hope for Smash is that the Nintendo has makes more games with new Characters. Cmon people can only think of Little mac how many punches can you give the guy honestly?
  8. FireBlader15's Avatar
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    Actually I will be doing a blog called changing moves and final smashes to change they're attacks so wait and see


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