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Currently doing

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by , 30th June 2013 at 05:58 PM (226 Views)
What's ZUP guys its FireBlader15 feeling like that I'm on YouTube.

So mostly I haven't been as much that some of you know or not (starts slapping self and relize I've done a lot of role play). Now leaving that behind the reason I've haven't been on because there was a virus on my laptop which didn't let me do anything on it plus I'm doing this on my iPad because I can't get rid of it. Also it was my last few weeks of school so I was busy with some school related stuff. So lets get that done so as the title said currently what I'm doing now is digging into Animal Crossing New leaf which I got the day before Father's Day. I've name my town Hyrule after Legend of Zelda's Kingdom of Hyrule (TOTAL ZELDA NERD) so I been enjoying it. Now I also have been working on some Pokèmon fanfic about me and my Lopunny Krystal but I'm not going into further detail. But after I finish that I'm gonna be working on a Legend of Zelda fanfic (TOTAL ZELDA NERD). I have to stop doing that. The name of this fanfic is call Saria's Quest I will be doing a separate blog telling the summary of that fanfic. I'm hoping I can put it on here but I have to ask someone if I can put Legend of Zelda fanfic on here and I'm not putting the pokèmon one on here because that is to personal.

So that's basically it with the blog thank you for reading.

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