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  1. 100 Blogs Later. Top 10 Favorite Pokémon!!!!!!!

    Hey guys its FireBlader15 with my 100th Blog!!! To celebrate I'm doing my Top 10 Pokémon, by the way some of these Pokémon are not even use in wifi battles so don't even think I like them because of their stats and please remember this my personal top ten and all my opinion. NOW LETS GET STARTED!!

    I really do love the Eevee evolutions but at all them I like Umbreon. Even though everyone doesn't use Umbreon I do. Becoming one of favorite Dark types I nicknamed ...

    Updated 17th July 2014 at 01:47 PM by FireBlader15

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  2. 3rd,4th, and 5th shiny

    Well I got very lucky in my new run of black 2.
    Pokémon talk
  3. Top 10 Hopes for Pokémon ORAS and the future of Pokémon

    Please this all my opinion so please don't go hulk on me, so here we go.

    #10-Emerald remake
    I know everyone wants this but the reason its so low on the list because we don't know if we are getting it, but if we are getting fans will think it would be call Delta Emerald but I think it should be call Beta Emerald.

    #9-More better character customization
    In X and Y all the girls got the most options for customizing characters and I do agree girls like fashion ...
  4. A gift from a friend

    One my friends off of Bulbagarden gave this to me.

    It's a shiny Claydol.

    I won't count this in my shiny count cause I don't count shiny Pokémon from trades as my own, same with the red Gyarados.
    Pokémon talk
  5. Trades and Friend Safari's

    If you like to trade I have Riolu's with blaze kick on them and I can trade one of my FOUR Blaziken's.

    Plus my friend safari is ice.

    Here is my friend code

    Put your name, FC and kind of friend safari the comments if you want one.

    Updated 28th May 2014 at 03:53 PM by FireBlader15

    Pokémon talk
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