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Stuff outside or inside video games I don't have blog category's for and personal blog series

  1. Wow

    After finally getting back from vacation the news drops on me.

    And then my 2nd favorite Pokémon Lopunny is getting a mega.

    Explodes of craziness.

    Updated 14th August 2014 at 01:08 PM by FireBlader15

    Spiritual Flare , Pokémon talk
  2. 100 Blogs Later. Top 10 Favorite Pokémon!!!!!!!

    Hey guys its FireBlader15 with my 100th Blog!!! To celebrate I'm doing my Top 10 Pokémon, by the way some of these Pokémon are not even use in wifi battles so don't even think I like them because of their stats and please remember this my personal top ten and all my opinion. NOW LETS GET STARTED!!

    I really do love the Eevee evolutions but at all them I like Umbreon. Even though everyone doesn't use Umbreon I do. Becoming one of favorite Dark types I nicknamed ...

    Updated 17th July 2014 at 01:47 PM by FireBlader15

    Spiritual Flare , Pokémon talk , Countdown Central
  3. I gotten into Fullmetal Alchemist

    I have to say I like it.

    I really like the story and the theme song.

    But one question.
    Does anyone know where to find English dubs of episodes 5 and the rest? Cause I can't find any.
    Spiritual Flare
  4. Final Fantasy XII is fun!

    It's acutally my first Final Fantasy game and I have to say its fun.

    Plus I love the battle music that sounds like Sonic a lot.
    I got the game a earlier in the week at the flea market.

    It is good very good.
    Spiritual Flare
  5. First Bulbaversary! I have Bulbavolve.

    I have now been here for a entire year! Totally crazy right, from stickin being a nobody here and then predicting characters for Smash Bros getting in.

    The Burning Blade FireBlader15 has his first BUBLAVERSARY!

    Guess I Bulbavolve right?(cries sadly in the corner of the very bad pun).
    Spiritual Flare
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