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  1. Atttention for people participating in Project:Bulbagarden attacks.

    Read if you were a computer giving a announcement.

    There will be a deadline for when you must stop breeding your Bulbasaurs for the WonderTrade attack tomorrow. It will end at 12:00 PM ET tomorrow and the event will start at 12:10 PM ET.

    If you still would like to join, make sure you have at least two boxes of Bulbasaurs nicknamed something related to Bulbagarden. You can look at the previous blog in The LostFlame, Project: Bulbagarden attacks for more details
  2. Project: Bulbagarden Attacks

    So I recently watch NateWantstoBattles Operation Zubat Storm that was done back in December 2013. What he done along with his friend DookieShed is they wondertrade Zubat's out with crazy nicknames and stuff, while also their fans join in on the fun. One point in the stream someone send in a Froakie named Sacrifice to stop the Zubat's.

    So I was thinking, maybe I can do something like this with a different Pokemon. And I thought we could send a whole ton of Bulbasaurs out named Bulbagarden, ...
  3. I am almost ready to punch my father right now

    Today and yesterday as been stupid with him. Yesterday our toliet was acting weird, and he blamed me cause I used it a lot, and this is coming from a guy who drinks beer all the time and eats Chinese food in 2 in the morning once we have it. Not to mention he was in the bathroom a day before for an hour with exploding diarrhea or something. And then yesterday when the problem started, he said we'll have the use bathroom outside, and have to poop in a bucket. Then when ask if we can use the bathroom ...
    Spiritual Flare
  4. Bulbagarden theme Suggestion

    If we do not have to change the theme of Bulbagarden for a while due t some hype of some new Pokémon game. I have a suggestion for a theme.

    Since some of the previous backgrounds are known as Erika's garden I thought maybe we should try that again.

    So how bout Erika sitting on cliff looking at Celadon City witha Bulbasaur sitting next to her.

    I wish I could draw a example but...........I cannot draw humans nor Pokémon for the life of me.

    Updated 7th March 2015 at 02:08 PM by FireBlader15

    Spiritual Flare
  5. 3DS size change

    It's very weird once you start holding a XL of any of the DS line ups the original is a lot smaller.

    Am I right? Cause I got a New 3DS XL last week, and now my old 3DS is smaller in my hands.

    Please tell me if this happen to you.

    It's just so weird
    Spiritual Flare
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