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Musings of the day

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by , 2nd July 2013 at 04:45 PM (237 Views)
So I'm sitting here multitasking between three things....I usually can't multitask to save my life. HA! Anyways....I've noticed I've fallen into a routine. Turn on my DSi, access the dream world to put a pokemon to sleep. Then hop onto the computer, boot it up, and go to the Pokemon Global Link. There I access the dream world and start playing until I catch a pokemon I don't have. Afterwards, I wake the pokemon, log off the Global Link, and resume the game onto my Dsi. Training at the Small Court and Stadium in Nimbasa City. Afterwards, I trail which routes have an outbreak of wild pokemon, and check them to see if I need anything from those routes. Then I go back to the Avenue in-game and keep trying to raise it's level. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I need to switch up the whole routine!!! Eh.. Maybe not, it's become a habit LOL!

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