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Random things in my head.

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Well, I decided to make a blog. Not really sure why, since nobody will probably read it and I'll barely ever post (probably), but oh well. Here we go.

I've decided to go to the Pokemon TCG National Championships this weekend for the first time ever. I'm scared. I've wanted to go for a few years but never had the chance until now. I should be more excited, but... I don't know. I have this really weird feeling right now about it. I mean I know I won't do well at it at all - I'm sure I'll lose every match - since I always lose pretty much every match at the few small tournaments I can go to (Battle Roads and City Championships) and yet I still want to go. If anyone sees this and is going, if you see a girl in the Masters division with a mat with Darkrai and Shaymin on it, it's probably me.

And since it's July already and summer's half over, I really need to get to work on something I kept telling myself I would do this summer - I want to do a painting for each of the Pokemon movies. (Not counting the Genesect one - I won't do one for it until it's been dubbed and I can watch it.) I'm not going in order and already have one done, for the Victini movie(s). I'm not sure what to do now, though. I don't really have any good ideas for any of the rest. I wanted to try to do one for the Darkrai movie next, since it's my favorite, but I don't even have any ideas for that. And if I can't think of what to draw/paint for a movie I've watched a million times (which probably isn't that much of an exaggeration) then how am I going to do ones for the others? xD I think I'll start working on that...right after I click the post button.....

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  1. Niji's Avatar
    It's just your nerves getting to you :) . Anyone's mind would be racing before a championship. Just have fun and give 'em your all! It's about having a good time with others who like the game. It's a great opportunity to push yourself to win, and if you don't, you'll just get stronger. I don't even have the skill or patience to figure out how to play any TCGs :b . 'calisbingu!

    Wow, the painting thing sounds really neat. That's awesome!


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