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WhaleTalk#7 Pokémon Design Origins Don't Matter

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With Honedge revealed, I'm expecting a lot of hate from some certain areas of the fandom considering its design is literally a sword with an eye stuck in it. While most would agree this is one of the least creative Pokémon yet, it doesn't matter. Whether it be the best or worst, designs simply don't matter.
You see, Pokémon are drawn from many different inspirations, specifically animals. Whenever it moves onto inanimate objects, objections rise. People claim they're just sticking a face onto something, usually with some extra piece thrown on, such as Trubbish being given limbs. However, this argument is completely void for two reasons. The first of which is that there are plenty of counter examples to this argument.
Take for instance, the Magnemite family. They could easily as left it as a magnet with eyes, but instead they worked on it to make it unique, unlike anything we've ever seen. Same goes for Rotom's forms (or formes, whichever that one is). It could've been Rotom's smile on a fridge, but instead was expanded to incorporate his color scheme, colorful glow, and appendages. With that said, let's move onto reason two.
People's argument of inanimate objects being given a face with whatever added can be used against them. Many animal-based Pokémon fit this bill well. How about Krabby, who is just a crab? How about Seel, who is just a white seal? Who about Squirtle!? It's just a bipedal turtle colored blue!
Pokémon design origins are irrelevant, no matter how good or bad.

In other news, Xerneas' type has been confirmed...in April. Pokémon released a question asking what Sylveon, Clefairy, and Xerneas have in common. I think we know what they meant now.

Thanks for reading and all that.

...if Golurk can't wield Honedge into battle I will be disappointed.

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  1. Spypitoad's Avatar
    When you think of it Honedge is not only a sword. They added that "arm" thing to it. And thanks for writing that thing about Xerneas!


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