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WhaleTalk#1 An Average Day on GTS

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So I decide to hop on GTS from white 2 for the first time in a week to see how my offer is going. Still nothing, so I decide to check for what I'm looking for, a Mandibuzz, myself. And what do I get? Three "Level 9 and Under Reshiram". One "Deoxys Any". One "Celebii Any". And one "Blaziken Level 100". This is why I don't use GTS. You get the people trying to clone even though it has been fixed since Platinum, and the idiots asking for unreasonable trades.
And that's where it begins. I decided to look for a plain magicarp just to see how bad these people are. And guess what? SAME STUFF. What is wrong with people?

In other news, I EV trained my first Pokemon compeletely. A wailord from Emerald brought to white 2. After spending half an hour training in HP and Sp. Atk., I battled online to see the results. After seeing he can't even take a thunderbolt, I boxed him.

First blog. Yay.

Consider this the first installment of WhaleTalk, where I basically talk about some event(s) that happened the past week using my sarcastic nature. Topics range from Pokémon news to why I hate Mienshao. Expect an installment every sunday.

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Updated 27th May 2013 at 12:27 AM by L.L.



  1. Ruuku's Avatar
    The GTS is utterly useless. if you want pokemon, just ask someone personally. Pretend that piece of s*** doesn't even exist.

    Can't wait to see why you specifically hate Mienshao XD


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