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SundayTalk#20 Disregard of Importance

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Disregard for important features to be more clear.
Every game has features, some new and others old, but every single one has something in common. And that is a feature, usually multiple, left out for no real reason. Perfect example: Black and White, which removed everything on the excuse of a "fresh start for the franchise." Of all of the features we've come to love and then see wiped from exitance, some stand up more than others.
The first of which is perhaps one of the most useful features in any game, rematches. While present in some way, rematches are too commonly swept aside to the static Elite Four, which then makes you sit through the credits to add insult to injury. Occasionally you'll get to fight the not static Gym Leaders, and if you're lucky, random trainers across the region. Of our total six generations, the only time we've gotten all three in a usable amount is Emerald and Platinum. Rematches are such a useful feature in so many ways, but is tossed aside in favor of petty distractions called Pokéstar Studios. EV training becomes quicker, grinding becomes less tedious, and hours of gameplay are added. It's simply a loss when not present. A complete and utter loss.
Remember when I said hours of gameplay about two sentences ago? Well that's nothing compared to what these can add. Next up we have the popular and missing since Generation IV Contests and Pokéathlon! And not the mediocre Super Contests of Sinnoh. A brilliant side quest to the story, contests, and to a lesser extent the Pokémon Olympics, provide a whole new dynamic to training. Instead of mowing down ten-year olds and taking their money, you can build teams specifically designed to achieve fame and glory in ways other than battling. These two features breathe new air into the franchise and Contests were expected to be a staple of the series, but both were dropped off for a "fresh start to the franchise" once again, and haven't made a return, despite popular demand.
Finally, we have what was an actual staple of the series, the Safari Zone. Although the biggest rage machine in gaming history, we all know that feeling of finally catching those elusive Chansey and Kangashkhan. Well, hopefully you do. I don't :'( . The Safari Zone has changed in each Gnerations, every time better than the last. From an actual safari to a swamp to a park of your own design, this has always been an arguably good way to get Pokémon, especially rare ones. Sadly however, the "fresh start for the franchise" plague struck even this too, and has only returned as a shell of its former self in X and Y. (Sigh...did Gen V do anything right?) Nowadays you can just catch Chansey and Kanghaskhan in the wild like everyone else. How boring and not rage inducing.
Although Gen VI is the current high point of the series, even it can't being back any of these fully. Looks like we'll just have to wait and see like so many other things. Oh and speaking of return, how about them Hoenn?

In other news, I would have to give Pokémon X and Y a 1/10. Why? Because Wailord isn't full size.

Thanks for readin'. it a sign I spend too much time here when I get the urge to write fanfiction?

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  1. Bolt the Cat's Avatar
    This is one of the things I really hated about 5th gen, they removed lots of good features for flimsy reasoning such as wanting a "fresh start" (and as it turned out, the only thing that they rebooted that really needed it was the storyline). There was no real reason to remove many of these things, they added depth and replay value to the gameplay. 5th gen, as a result, feels much less expansive as a result. Side note, I do feel it's worth pointing out that Musicals and Pokestar Studios fall in the "Contests" category, as much as we'd like to forget about the former.

    As for XY, I haven't played it yet so I can't really give a proper opinion on this, but I have made a couple of observations on what I've seen about the game's side features. First of all, it seems to be in a slightly better position than BW1, including several gameplay features that were important to the gameplay such as berry planting and the Safari Zone. Second, I noticed that most if not all of the side features have some sort of effect on the main gameplay. We have Super Training which affects EVs. Pokemon Amie affects things in battle such as critical hit ratio. Nothing I've seen of this game feels like a superfluous distraction as we've seen in past games, and that might be another reason why they've trimmed down the amount of features lately. Third, I haven't seen many features in this game that take advantage of Streetpass, just the PSS itself. I have to wonder why, considering that they've made a big deal about Streetpass enhancing the gameplay and I haven't really seen it do much.

    So with that, I have some suggestions for side features that could be brought back or introduced:

    -Bring back rematches if they haven't already (not really sure if XY has done this already, but considering the lack of discussion about it, I'm guessing not). Each game should have gym leader rematches, Elite 4 rematches, and some random trainer rematches (ideally, they should bring back the Vs. Seeker or make something equivalent, but if that's too much at least do something like the phone or Trainer's Eyes where you at least have a handful of trainers to battle).
    -Bring back accessories and give them in battle effects. For instance, you could have a suit of armor that raises your Pokemon's Defense and Special Defense (obviously there would need to be a limit on this to keep it from being OP).
    -If they're going to make a new Contest feature, it's probably going to be something that benefits the battling in the same way that Super Training and Pokemon Amie do and doesn't require Pokemon and movesets designed from the ground up (i.e. you don't get screwed over by having a contest moveset that doesn't work in battle or vice versa).
    -Bring back Secret Bases to be utilized with Streetpass. Now whenever you connect with some via Streetpass, you can visit their Secret Base and battle them.
    -Bring back Join Avenue, make it so anyone who connects with you shows up there. Also change up the shops a bit in response to the features that have changed since BW2, they can remove the cafe and dojo, and create new shops that sell clothing and accessories and Secret Base items.
    -Create a new sidequest system, more like the Quests in Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia and Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs. If you talk to NPCs within the game, you can take place in special side missions which can reward you with items, or can even reward you with Pokemon (you battle a wild Pokemon at some point and can catch it, or a new Pokemon could appear within the distribution at the end) and layout changes (example: the completion of one mission would cause a new bridge to be constructed that could serve as a shortcut, or you can reach previously unreachable areas on the map). There could also be co-op missions (in which you and a friend complete a mission together) and competitive missions (like Funfest) that you can partake in by inviting people through the PSS.


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