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Sunday#23 Ash the Immortal

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by , 18th November 2013 at 01:14 AM (1036 Views)
"Shouldn't Ash be an adult by now?" "Ash still looks the same as when he started!" "The anime sucks because of Ash."
As the cries of the biased and ignorant whisper into the wind, the viewers of the anime known for their love-hate relationship endlessly bicker like a parliament over the age of Ash, the protagonist. The Internet proves once again arguments over pointless discrepancies will always find a home. So let's delve right in.
The big and total question is if Ash should be aging. According to the completely (un)reliable writers, Ash is ten at the start of the series and is ten right now. End of story right? Question solved? Nope, the masses still rant anyways.
They say Ash should be aging. But why should he be? Plenty of older shows have protagonists not a day older. Perhaps many say since the show is continuous and on a set timeline, the characters should ate as time goes by. That seems perfectly logical. Now is the problem solved? Are the writers incorrect and Ash is an old man in a child's body? Still nope.
The supporters of Ash not aging counter by pointing out shows on a timeline that do not feature aging. The plot goes on and on without a bit of character development. Now are we done? Ash is just timeless while on a timeline, right? This time it's correct. The anime is not meant to tell the story of a child realizing his dreams of becoming a Pokémon master. It's meant to drag on and on until the games end, if they end, and to sell merchandise. An aging protagonist would just inhibit its purpose. Case closed.

In other news, rumors about a Pokémon console game continue to spread. A recently found trademark by the company only raises more questions. Could we finally be getting a dedicated console game that's more than a money grab?

Thanks for reading.

...what if we had gotten a new protagonist every region instead?
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  1. Phoenix502's Avatar
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    new protagonist every region? we'd be better off adapting Pocket Monsters SPECIAL into an anime, if that be the case... which would totally be awesome given how much more serious the manga is overall.
  2. Bolt the Cat's Avatar
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    I think the entire premise of the anime being little more than a glorified advertisement is exactly what's wrong with it, it makes the show really boring and dry. I'd rather have something like Special like @Phoenix502; said.
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